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5 Cartoon Shows That Teleport You To Your Childhood

However, nothing proves to be a better idea than revisiting cartoons from childhood. Watching these old cartoon shows will not only provide heaps of entertainment also make you feel light-hearted and relaxed, not to mention nostalgic. Here are five cartoon shows that will teleport you to your childhood

Tom and Jerry 

When talking about cartoon shows, the first show that will come to the mind of most people will be Tom and Jerry. This timeless classic narrates the bittersweet tiffs between Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse coursing through some hilarious moments of naughty innocence. This show had amused generations of children and adults over the years and continues to do the same. If you have been thinking of revisiting this show, there can be no better time than doing this. 

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Remember the days when you returned from school and refused to open your school uniform and switched on your 19 inches’ television set. The reason was simple; it was already time for Winnie-The-Pooh. Created by A.A.MilneWinnie-The-Pooh, narrates endless adventures of this adorable Teddy Bear called Winnie-The Pooh and his friends. The best way to beat stress is to dive back into your childhood with the Winnie-The-Pooh cartoon series.


Aladdin's story enthralled us as it made way to the TV screens from the pages of Arabian Nights for the first time in 1993. The magical world of Aladdin can make children, as well as adults, immerse into a world of fantasy. The adventures of Aladdin entering the palace to get engaged with princess Jasmine, his banters with genie and lago, the magic carpet and Baku, are all timestamps of a childhood that you may have left behind. But revisiting these in these especially stressed times would be a good idea. 


You may have forgotten many of your childhood friends, but Dennis is not one of them. Every time he would appear on the TV, your friendship with him would become stronger. Based on Hank Ketcham’s comic strip Dennis-The-Menace is a legendary cartoon series that talks about the mischiefs of Dennis, who from a suburban middle-class neighborhood of Wichita in Kansas, USA. These quarantine times are the most appropriate for you to step back into the world of Dennis and to relive your childhood.

Popeye-The Sailor Man 

Does Bluto, Wimpy, Swee Pa, and OlyvOyl ring a bell? If yes, then you must have been a big fan of Popeye-The-Sailor-Man during your childhood days. The spinach-eating sailor has been a hero to countless children across generations. His healthy eating habits and charisma are intact, all you need is to catch up with him, and that will teleport you to a different world without a doubt.