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 If Bollywood managed produce actors who went on to become leading bad guys, there are also woman who are not that far behind. These are the woman that we love to hate and at times would not mind dating because they are bold and sexy.

  1. Nadira

She came into provenance in the movie Shri 420, playing the role of a rich socialite. She was the first actress who managed to portray a bold woman who was not bound by society. She was a class apart.

  1. Lalita Pawar

She became the quintessential mother in law that we come to hate. Who can forget her performance in Sau Din Saas Ke.

  1. Bindu

This woman was hot as hell and she managed bring a lot of heat into Hindi cinema. Who can forget Mona the arm candy from the movie Zanjeer.

  1. Aruna Irani

From a leading heroine in her day she was transformed into a vamp, a vixen of high repute. People still remember her performance from such films as Beta.

  1. Manorama

Last but not least Manorama was the aunt from hell. Her ability to express only with her eyes is still unparallel in Bollywood.