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5 Hidden Gems On Netflix To Binge Watch Right Now

We try choosing the best and set aside the mediocre ones for you, so you wouldn’t have to spend time on searching for one! We are quite confident with the gems that we have picked for you, so don’t delay anymore searching for the best series to start with tonight. 

1. The Midnight Gospel

The Midnight Gospel is undoubted, one among the craziest animated shows that you can’t go without watching. This adult animation show features the main character of Clancy, who is a pink coloured giant animated human which wears nothing but a towel and a Gandalf hat. Over every episode, you would watch him diving into a multidimensional simulator, where he takes interviews of different people on various subjects that cover religion and sanctity, various uses of drugs, about the positivity behind death, and also how we are living into computer simulator. With the craziest visuals supporting every scene, you would be confused about where to look at the screen while you would your ears totally engrossed into this character’s intense explanations of life and death. 

2. Schitt’s Creek

This show is about that super-rich Rose family which has lost all their wealth, after being deceived by their business manager. So with everything lost, they are enforced to shift from their lavishing mansion to just a two rooms Schitt’s Creek, situated in the remote town. This Schitt’s Creek is the only asset left with them, which they once purchase as nothing less than a joke. Over the seasons, this series depicts how the Rose family transforms from living a lavish life to adjusting into this new place. This is supported with excellent performances from Dan Levy and his father Eugene. This smooth series basically depicts living life in a small town. 

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3. Conversations with a Serial Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

So, if you are a fan of true horror, don’t miss out on this documentary series which features this psychopathic character, Ted Bundy. His brutality has been one of the scariest reasons which distressed America in 1970. In this series, he is seen interviewed in jail by Stephen Michaud, because he is on a death penalty row. Over the course of this interview, he is seen answering those interview questions in the third person, to increase the reality of his character. Bundy confesses of murdering 30 women with such violence that you would not be able to watch it alone. 

4. Love is Blind

What would eventually happen when you take some single boys and girls and stick a wall between them? With pure chaos depicted in the series, this is about some hopeful romantic people who couple up together without even seeing each other. But amidst all of this, you would gradually see couples confessing about their love and not lasting it any longer in the real outside world. The most peculiar part of this series is that, when the couples want to see each other in real, they will have to get engaged and plan their wedding shortly. The interesting part is, not all of those couples actually make it through their wedding. 

5. Sex Education 

To make it crispy, the second season of this teen series Sex Education is one of the biggest features on Netflix right now! Depicting Asa Butterfield as an uncomfortable teenager, this series shows how well he takes Sex Counselling for money. His mother plays a graceful character of a professional Sex Consultant too! Carried out in comedy, this series smart ways related to intimacy and is sure to scour your emotions in a realistic way!