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5 Indian Films Which Could Have Been Nominated For Oscars

Every film industry around the globe sends its yearly best cinemas chosen by the critics and then the Oscar committee's members vote them. And the movies with the highest votes wins the nomination for Oscars. Several Indian films got Oscar nominations and won also, but today in this article we will be naming 5 outstanding Indian Cinemas that should have gotten nominated for the Academy Awards.

Do Bigha Zameen-1953

This Bimal Roy Directed film is undoubtedly one of the most worthy films for the Oscars. This story is about a poor farmer who is unable to pay the lease and the landlord threatens him to take away his 2 acres of land which his the only wealth he had. And after being helpless he has to move to the city as a rickshaw puller to earn money so that he can keep his land. 

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Hrishikesh Mukherjee directed and starring Amitabh Bachchan and Rajesh Khanna this is one of the best Indian cinemas ever. It is a story of a terminally ill man who decides to live his last days on earth to the fullest without any worries. And his doctor, who grew an extraordinary bond with the man writes a book on Anand after his demise. The iconic dialogue of this film "Babumoshai, Zindagi Badi Honi Chahiye, Lambi Nahi" won all hearts. All Indian film lovers still recognize it as one of the best movies ever.

3 Idiots-2009

Another Aamir Khan film directed by Rajkumar Hirani, this film earned 460 crores in the box office and entertainment most. The numbers speak for itself that how much the audience has loved this movie. This star-studded movie is about the whole education system and how wrong it is on so many levels. How young students become suicidal not being able to handle the pressure given by family and educational institutions. This was an eye-opening movie for the young generation and also for their parents as well.

My Name is Khan-2010

Directed by one of the most talented and loved filmmaker of Indian Cinema Karan Johar and starring Bollywood's most favorite couple Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, this film has done a total business of 223 crores INR and won multiple awards for this film. This film is about a man with Asperger's syndrome named Rizwan Khan and how has to face difficulties surviving after the twin tower attack because of people's perception of his community.


Directed by Shoojit Sircar this story is about a Bengali girl Piku and her father Bhaskor Banerjee. Piku is an architect well established and an independent girl whose life revolves around her father, a 70 something man with constipation. And how despite having different ethics they came closer to each other on a road trip from Delhi to Kolkata.

These are some of the best Indian cinemas of all time that according to the mass audience should have been nominated for the Academy Awards better known as Oscars.