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5 Indian Rock Bands Every Music Lover Should Know

Every city, place continues to produce all subgenres of rock, varying from classic rock n roll, blues to extreme metal. The rock artist is slowly gaining appreciation in the country. 

Here’s a few of them you be glad to know about:


Avial hails from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala and entered the music scene in 2003. They're named after a staple South Indian dish called Avial. The dish symbolises their fusion of Malayalam lyrics and rock music. They achieved wide acclaim through their lyrics in their regional language

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A soulmate is a blues-rock band from Shillong, Meghalaya. They came together in 2003 and have performed many concerts in different parts of India, Europe, Southeast Asia and the United States. They are the only blues band to represent the country at the International Blues Challenge, Memphis, US. 


Agnee is one of the few bands to sign an international record label with Sony. They bring in a fuse of different kinds of individual styles-pop, classic rock, rock, jazz, funk etc. In 2007, they produced songs for Indian as well as international films. 


Euphoria is a Delhi based rock band which formed originally as an English band in 1988. Years later, they became the pioneers of Hindi rock with the release of the hit album “Dhoom”. They established an independent identity and were the first band to perform at the UN’s General Assembly in 2001.

Indian Ocean

The band originated during the eighties between two friends who played table, drums and a guitar. It sprang from a friendship and they worked together who produced eastern and western music. Their themes are interesting as they are based on social and political protest.

While India is more often known for its filmi, Bollywood, indie-pop, bhangra music, it has also produced some of the best rock bands in the country. There’s always been known to be a western influence on Indian music from the 1960s and began with Ravi Shankar’s raga rock song “ Norwegian Wood”.  The well-known rock star, Freddie Mercury himself hails from India with Lata Mangeshkar as his musical inspirations.