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5 Most Popular Emoji And Their Meanings

Emoji are so descriptive, and all of us are so very well used to them that can go about having entire conversations just by utilising these emoji. Here is a list of 5 most popular emoji and their meanings –

Tears of laughter

Most commonly used in cases of funny scenarios, this is also known as the laughing emoji or tears of laughter. This image represents a person laughing so hard that tears are coming out of their eyes. They can be used when a person makes a funny joke, or amid an amusing conversation to represent extreme laughter. This emoji came out in the year 2010 and is primarily used as laughing emoji. This also represents 'LOL' which is "laughing out loud'.

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Red heart emoji

The classic red heart love emoji is the second most popular emoji used by everyone around the world. Usually representing love or romance or similar type of emotion. Red heart love emoji is used in conversations relating to love or showing heartfelt gratitude, and nowadays, it can also be used as a conversation ending points and don't we all know that! Came in use in 1993 and has been a part of lots of conversations since.

Heart eyes emoji

Standing at the third most popular emoji, the heart eye emoji has a face with hearts in place of eyes to represent love or adoration or similar type of emotion towards someone. It is an expression of love that is used to show love towards the other person. This heart in the eyes emoji shows an extreme love connotation. It appeared for the first time in the year 2010 is now very heavily used by everyone around the globe.

ROFL emoji

Very similar to the 'tears of laughter' emoji, Rolling On the Floor Laughing emoji indicates a person laughing so hard that they cannot control their laughter and end up rolling on the floor while still smiling. Only recently came to use in 2016, but has since been used by a lot of people. The emoji looks like a person with tears coming out of both eyes and eyes closed and represents hilarity. This stands at being the fourth most popular emoji.

Smiling face-smiling eyes

One of the happiest looking emoji, it came in use in the year 2010 and has since been known as the blushing or blush or just smiling face with smiling eyes emoji. It represents a person who is either very happy or is blushing (shown by the red cheeks) or is merely pleased to contribute to other people's happiness. It gives out a sense of positivity and happiness and has an extreme loving connotation.

These are the five best emoji that is most commonly used and it is meaning.