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5 Reasons Why OTT Platforms Have Seen A Boom

With all the new embellishment in technology, some severe changes in the entertainment industries happened over the last few years and OTT platforms are a product of that. For those of you who are not aware of the term OTT, it means the content that we stream with the help of the internet, such as Netflix, Voot, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. And now that you are aware of the term we will be talking further about exactly what triggered the OTT platform's rise and why.

Streaming through any device 

One of the biggest privileges of OTT platforms is that you can stream it in any device which has a strong internet connection unlike television because with television the shows we stream can only be seen in the television itself and only a few of them might be available in YouTube. But with these OTT platforms, you can stream your favourite shows literally in any device like smartphones, desktop, laptops, set-top boxes, Smart TVs, tablets, etc.

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Anywhere Anytime 

Another big reason behind the rise of the OTT platforms is the ability to stream it anytime anywhere. Unlike television, which is not portable so we can stream the shows only when we are in our home. But with OTT platforms we can stream the shows anytime we want. You can stream shows on Netflix or other platforms even when you are travelling. The download option enables the opportunity to stream your favourite shows even if there's not a strong internet connection.

Free Trial Option

OTT platform owners are making sure they don't keep any stones unturned as they are offering free trial options for the viewers too. This option is what makes them different from other streaming devices. Several streaming platforms offer various free trial protocol where you can experience their site and test what they have to offer without having to make the payment. You can further buy their service later if you like what they have to offer or delete your account if you want.

Original Shows

These online OTT platforms offer their original shows that you can stream only on their website and nowhere else. Originality is what makes them all different and unique from each other. If you want to see one particular show you have to switch to one particular platform. Netflix has Stranger Things, Money Heist Amazon Prime has to Breathe, Inside Edge, and so on.

Ad-Free Streaming Experience

This one is one big reason why OTT Platforms are getting more popularity than televisions and stuff. Wasting 15 minutes on seeing add is as irritating as it sounds. Plus it interrupts the interest while watching something. That is why the ad-free streaming experience is what viewers are investing their money and time for.

These are some of the epic reasons of why the OTT platforms are gaining such popularity than any other infotainment platforms.