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5 Reasons Why Podcasts Have Become Popular

With millions and millions of people singing in to explore podcasts every week, it has become quite popular while creating enough engaging content to sway people away from the movie screens and the like. This article will inform you about various reasons why podcasts have gained popularity. Considered as the second coming of the radio, read about why they manage to attract traction. 

The creation of content has become democracies. 

With the advent of the age of the internet, the creation of media has become accessible to everyone. Just like YouTube has given everybody with camera liberty to explore video format in various ways. Similarly, podcasts have given liberty to everyone who has a microphone to make a radio show. In comparison to other formats, you do not need many amenities, and the costs of microphones are meager compared to the equipment in general.  

Another advantage of democratization is that as now everybody has the freedom to produce these shows, many niches can be explored. You can rest assured that you will find something for any subject that you are looking for.

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Helps in multitasking 

Life has become super busy, and there is too much content that a person wants to consume. Usually, visual mediums do not allow you to multitask. You always have to pay attention to the screen to consume the content. This makes it difficult. There are several times when you can consume content passively and not be able to manage to watch it actively. Podcasts are a great solution to that. You can squeeze in a variety of content from business to philosophy as well as entertainment. The ability of podcasts to listen while travelling, driving, or workout or such, without interrupting your actions, is a great advantage. This helps you to multitask, which has become the rule of life in today's age. 

The media is based on personality 

Parasocial relationships are not considered as a new phenomenon. Podcasts make the content more naturalistic and make you feel you are right there as a part of the happening conversation. The intimacies of the podcasts produced are often transferred to the audience, making him feel more involved than in comparison to other media 

Podcasts help build a connection that is personal with the audience 

In podcasts, the host gets an opportunity to shine his personality through. They are a quick and easy way to form a connection with audiences, thus creating trust and a sense of personal connection 

It is easy to produce 

Podcasts are rather easy to produce in comparison to any other visual media. It places the sole focus on the quality of content. You do not require any complicated visual treatment to capture your audience.