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5 Stand-Up Comedy Specials For Your Lockdown Laughs

As the world grapples with the stress of a pandemic, with serious news flooding the media, stand-up comedy shows are the greatest repository of laughter. Here are 5 terrific comedy shows you can watch and enjoy your laughter treat.

John Mualaney:New in Town

Leave all other work look right now at the comedy special by John Mulaney. if you have never seen his things, you are surely missing out on something incredible. Amongst the lot of modern comics he definitely holds a special position because of his awesome delivery and content. In his recent Netflix comedy series New in Town deals with a variety of different subjects, including the dangers of rapid sand and how he was once recommended to a Xanax drug specialist to have a prostate test in order. John Mualaney is razor sharp in his content, his timing is immaculate.Be prepared to laugh your guts out when you watch his special.

Iliza Schlesinger: Elder Millennial

Iliza Schlesinger had proven her talents and skills as a stand up with her previous shows on Netflix. Elder Millenial has a unique flavor to its narrative where the themes humorously dissecting life of a woman at 35. Illiza’s timings has always been remarkable, with Elder Millenial she has taken it to great heights.

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Ali Wong: Baby Cobra

That was the first stand-upcomedy special made for Netflix by popular comedian by Ali Wong. Her wit and delivery throughout this show had garnered great accolades. In this show she offers pieces on marriage and pregnancy life will make you laugh so much that you'll weep.

Chris Rock: Tamborine

Chris Rock’s comic timing is stuff of legends. In this special show, he continues to be awesome. He gives smart social comments on all aspects of race, politics, brutality and relationships, and, yes, all are unpleasantly funny, but he also makes important points. If you are looking to laugh your gut out, Chris Rock is your man as he will never fail to disappoint you.

Hannah Gadsby: Nanette

If you haven't heard of Hannah Gadsby, the Australian comedian, then you must without delay. If you want to enjoy a laugh or two then her shows are a must-watch. It's beautifully published, truthful, honestand beautifully narrated. It addresses important social issues with a strong sense of humor regarding misogyny, bigotry and even manophobia. Nanette is a special comedy special that you lust catch right away, you will certainly not regret. The show is available on Netflix.

The above comedy specials will not only keep you entertained but will also make you look at things lighter and also give you the strength to laugh at your own perils. After all that’s what comedy is for.