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5 Top-Rated But Least Viewed TV Series

With so much variety, there are shows which are available on some of the apps and not available on the others. Therefore, there are some top-rated shows which have been missed by many viewers. For instance, I use Netflix, and see the top-rated shows on Netflix, but tend to miss the others which are available on the other apps. 


In light of this, let’s take a look at what top-rated TV shows we’ve missed so far:


1.    Band of Brothers ( 9.4/10-IMDb (233,390 votes), 94%-Rotten Tomatoes)

 It is an American war miniseries which is based on Stephen E. Ambrose’s non-fiction book. The series is based around the plot of Easy company, 506th regiment of the US Army. It showcases the story of the survivor’s from the company based on the interviews, letters, and journals. The 10 part miniseries records the experience of these men who knew their extraordinary fear and bravery.

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2.    Breaking Bad ( 9.5/10-IMDb (900,507 votes), 96%-Rotten Tomatoes)


Breaking bad is a crime drama television series that has 6 seasons. It has a total of 62 episodes. The story is based on the protagonist, Walter White, a chemistry teacher who comes upon his cancer and decides to pay his medical bills by making meth. However, in the whole process, his whole priority changed when he met his meth-cooking partner, Jesse. 


3. The Sopranos ( 9.2/10-IMDb (149,770), 92%-Rotten Tomatoes)


The American crime drama series revolves around the protagonist, Tony Soprano, an Italian American mobster who portrays the difficulty of balancing out his family life and his criminal organization. The Sopranos ran for six seasons with a total of 86 episodes until June 10, 2007. The series has won a multitude of awards and has been the subject of controversy, critical analysis, parody, video games, etc. 


4. True Detective  ( 9/10-IMDb (197,145), 78%-Rotten Tomatoes)


The 2014 American anthology crime is a show that has captured the attention of many viewers. True Detective is a series about detectives and police officers of the USA who investigate homicides. In the process of investigation, they are forced to find out the dark secrets about them and the people around them. 


5. Avatar: The Last Airbender ( 9.2/10-IMDb (128,058), 100%-Rotten Tomatoes)


The American animated series is about the journey to protect the long-last Avatar. It is based on a fictional world where the world is divided into four kingdoms which are all represented by natural elements. And, only the benders have the ability to control the four elements that have disappeared. Only he can save the world from other dangerous elements of the earth. 


 If you’ve missed watching some of these shows, you should not miss them again. These are the top-rated TV shows of all time, you can see the rating of these shows above.