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5 TV Shows That You Would Recommend To Everyone In Your Life To Watch

So sit back relax and enjoy watching the list of English TV shows: 

1. Succession

After HBO spent millions of dollars at the Game of Thrones, another show blew up which was called Succession. It’s a seductive show about a billionaire media family, which hit the runway with its second series. Succession is a show which will draw you to Throne’s Westeros’s loyalty, wealth, power, and sheer nastiness.

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2. Friends

Friends are one of the best classical sitcoms, it’s an iconic 90’s comedy that looks into the hearts and minds of the characters on the show. It was aired in 1994 and still turns out to be the most-watched and demanded show on Netflix. It comes with 10 seasons and has received outstanding awards over the years. 

3. Chernobyl

Chernobyl is a well-crafted multivalent and cogent drama based on the true story miniseries. Its focus on capitalization and the fact that people were unaware of the meltdown of a nuclear reactor in Ukraine in April 1986. It also made universal observations that resonated in the US or UK 2019 about how intuitions etc.. have made people lose their basic instincts of humanity. 

4. Years and Years

Thanks to Russell T Davies who compressed a series of 15 years of hysteria into a six hours show. It has six series which follow the love and lives of the Lyons as Britain is rocked by unstable economic, political, and technological advances. It was filmed in 2018 and received a nomination for many awards.

5  The Virtues

The Virtues is a 2019 miniseries British drama that has received highly positive reception. It is a drama in its purest form which trawls through the life of Graham Joseph’s lonely alcoholic life and evolves into a depiction of heroism.

A Wrap

 These are some of the year’s top television shows that will get you to watch them non-stop! I carry my phone around with me to flick on the next episode, the season of the shows I’ve recommended above. I hope this blog finds it helpful for you to filter down some of the shows.