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5 Underrated Comedy Movies Of 2020

Even then, some excellent movies flew past people and didn't get the recognition which they deserved. Here is a list of five such underrated comedy movies of 2020 -

Guns Akimbo

After the end of the Harry Potter series, Daniel Radcliff's choice of films have been entirely "exploring", if we can say that, and have led the actor to experience various types of roles. His latest flic, Guns Akimbo, is a story of an all-rounder zero who is forced to participate in a gladiator fight with guns, in which two guns are stapled to his hands. The film has a good comedy but went past a lot of us. This is a must-watch if you love the combination of action and comedy.

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The Climb

A story of best friends Mike and Kyle which shows the depth and deep ends of friendship until one of them sleep with the other's fiancé. But what happens after that shows how strong and tight is the bond of friendship and how even if after massive troubles and mistakes, you can't let go off a true and pure friendship. It is sporadic that we get to see movies about male friendships and bonds and to get one which perfectly captures is nothing but a blessing. Starring Michael Angelo Covino and Kyle Marvin, this comedy is a delight to your eyes.

Banana split

A rom-com but with a twist, and we do not exaggerate when we say THIS IS VERY CUTE! Imagine this scenario, you get dumped by your boyfriend and then go one to fall in (platonic) love with his next girlfriend. Sounds like a bad idea and an excellent comedy. The film follows the story of April, Clara and Nick and the world weirdest yet sweet love triangle. April meets Clara after being dumped by nick, and they go on to be best friends and then the -awaited- tragedy takes place. With Hannah Marks, Liana Liberto and Dylan Sprouse, Bananasplit is a good one that no one should miss.


Based on Jane Austin's one of the hilarious book of the same name tells the tale of Emma, set in High bury England in the 19th century. She is a troublesome young lady who like to spend most of her time in matchmaking activities and creating new and innovative and also unintentional problems for her friends and family. The whole movie is hilarious and will hurt your stomach laughing at the quirkiness of the titular character. Anya Taylor-Joy portrays Emma's character beautifully.


Both a drama and a comedy this is a story which shows a beautiful tale of following your dreams. And the film has incredibly funny banter which makes you love it more. The movie shows the story of Elijah (played by MamoudouAthie) who has to work in his dad's restaurant. Still, he has dreams of becoming a master sommelier and in the process upsets his father. The movie shows incredible relations between a father and a son and also the bond of a family with brilliant comedy. Catch this beauty flic on Netflix.