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5 Underrated Movies Of India

In a country where almost 1000 movies release every year, some are bound to be missed. And unfortunately, some great ones have been lost over the years.

So here's a list of five such underrated movies –

Ship of Theseus - 2013 film Shape of Theseus, directed by Anand Gadhi, explores the life of an exploratory photographer, an unwell monk, and a youthful stockbroker. They explore the world of identity, beauty, and justice and the significance of life and death. The film consists of a solid star cast of Neeraj Kabi, Sohum Shah, Aida El-Kashef, and various others. The movie went on to win an award such as the National Film Award for Best Feature Film and gained praise from everyone. Unfortunately, it was not acknowledged by a large mass of people and still isn't.

Masaan - The story is based in the city of Varanasi and tells two tales simultaneously. One is about a girl named Devi who is struggling to shake off the stigma of pre-marital sex and lives with her father, who is ashamed of her. Another track of the movie revolves around lovers Deepak and Shalu, who fall in love without the girl knowing about the cast difference between them and later attempt to transcend the various restrictions that come along with it. This 2015 masterpiece, directed by Neeraj Ghaywan, is an Indo-French production and won a lot of International Awards but sadly was unable to gather viewership in India.

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Ankhon Dekhi - 2014 Rajat Kapoor directed film tells the story Bauji, a man in his late 50s. After getting to know that Bauji's daughter is seeing an ill-reputed guy, and upon meeting him, he looks like a decent chap to him. This incident changes Bauji's life and values and the way he looks at the world. He decides only believing things that he sees with his own eyes. This decision changes both Bauji and his extended family's life forever. Starring Sanjay Mishra as bauji, Ankhon Dekhi is one of the most authentic movies of all time that people slept on.

Sonchirya - One of the most recent underrated movie, Sonchiriya tells the tale of Lakhna (Played by Sushant Singh Rajput) and Man Singh (Played by Manoj Bajpayee). They lead a bunch of bandits and are in a problem of if they should surrender to the Government or not. The movie features a small village that is raided with gangs who always fight to gain and remain in power. The film is filled with powerful performances by everyone and great storytelling. Unfortunately, this was also slept on by the audience.

Tamasha - Tamasha is just one of those Imtiaz Ali movies that everyone acknowledged how good it was, long after the film released. Tamasha starts with the meeting of Ved and Tara in Corsica, who decide that for the next few days that they are there, they won't reveal their identities to each and other. After that, they part ways, but Tara can never get Ved out of her mind and encounters him in Delhi but goes on to discover that he is an entirely different person than whom she met in Corsica. Tamasha is a story of someone who forgot himself in the journey of living with societal conventions. With Ranbir Kapoor as Ved and Deepika Padukone as Tara, and with their impeccably beautiful and raw portrayals of their respective characters, Tamasha is a film that no one should have missed but did.