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Five Interesting Facts To Know About Mark Zuckerberg

However, Facebook is what gave him international fame and recognition. Billions of people use social media platforms worldwide. From Hollywood stars to young school students, Facebook has users from all spheres. Not only has the platform brought people closer to one another, but it has also served as a good opportunity to expand the business and sell various products through its medium. We list below five interesting facts about Mark Zuckerberg that would surely take you by surprise.

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1)      A no-pomp and show marriage

Despite being one of the richest men in the world, Zuckerberg decided to marry his sweetheart Priscilla at his home backyard. This is very different from other celebrity marriages that take place in exotic locations and with celebrity guests, from around the world attending the marriage. It is also reported that there were no more than 100 guests invited for Zuckerberg’s wedding and even the food served was simple (Largely Mexican) and fewer items.

2)      Mark is multilingual

Born to Jewish parents, Zuckerberg can read and write Hebrew.  Apart from English, which is his first language, he can also read and write Latin, French and Greek. In 2010 he started learning Chinese to be able to converse with his Chinese wife’s family. His multilingual talent has helped him become an excellent business leader.

3)      Prefers inexpensive cars

The down-to-earth Facebook CEO does not ride infancy and ostentatious cars, despite his status as being one of the wealthiest tech entrepreneurs. He is usually seen riding an Acura TSX and a Honda Fit, both of which are not very exorbitantly priced. He also owns a black Volkswagen Golf GTI and a sports car. With enormous wealth at his disposal, it is astonishing to see the modest and unassuming Zuckerberg use moderately expensive cars when he could easily drive in the most exotic cars.

4)      Wears the same grey t-shirt every day

To many, it may seem ridiculous to wear the same clothes or to be dressed in a uniform every single day to work. However, Zuckerberg thinks otherwise. He believes it helps him avoid wastage of time in choosing his clothes and helps him focus on the more important and serious things in life. That is why he wears the same grey t-shirt every day.

5)      He isn’t as tall as he looks in pictures

Most of us think Zuckerberg is tall but the reality is that he is 5 ft. 7 inches tall. Two reasons contribute to his exaggerated height in the pictures, one being that he stages his images to increase his height and secondly, he stands with a straightened back and chests out.

 Zuckerberg, an incredibly genius man is also a great philanthropist, serving humanity trough his various charitable trusts. His simple way of life is an inspiration especially to the youth icon of today.