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The Good Old Morning Shows @9 And The Renting Of Vcr From Local Video Parlor

The good old morning shows @9 and the renting of VCR from Local Video parlor

While growing up in the eighties and nineties in Delhi, a lot of time the young people especially boys would frequent to the movie theaters were they will be playing a B-Movie of either Hindi or English. We went because; it used to be the only source of adult entertainment during that time as most people did not have VCR and VCP’s. There were no Multiplexes or Malls adorning the fair city of New Delhi. We had single hall film theaters and many of them would show these B-Grade films early in the morning.

The movies had some of the weirdest titles, Basanti ki Shaadi Gabbar ka Honeymoon, Purana Mandir and Khuni Darwaza, Samri ect. These movies were a cheap source of entertainment for the masses. But the real purpose to go and watch these films with poor acting and even worse special effect was those titillating scenes which would not be possible for anyone to see with families. Those who would stand in queue to buy tickets for these movies would be look upon with disdain.

Also other source of entertainment was renting of VCR or VCP from your local video parlor. A lot of people would remember because this would be planned in advance if there was a long weekend otherwise someone else will book it. One would visit the parlor and look at all the catalogs of movies and then the fighting would start as to which film everyone would like to see. If you have grandparents they would automatically get their choice and then there could be a possible struggle for either going for an English film. Now this was probably the most difficult decision as the film may contain kissing scene which in this day and age would be considered trivial.

If you had a color televisions at home then nothing like it, otherwise you will also have to book for a color television and that would add to cost. Now when all the components have arrived at your home and the technician teaches you how to change the video tape, everyone would sit back and pray “god let there be no power cut” because the time the VCR and Tv will remain in your house will depend upon the length of the film and once the time has lapsed they will come and take it.

It also at times could be a neighborhood affair when families would get together and enjoy films. Food would be prepared in advance and snacks to munch on during watching the movies. Those were innocent times when no one had heard of internet or been to a multiplex.