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Happy Days For Sallu Bhai

With a smashing box office collection of nearly 500 crores and becoming the fifth highest hit in overseas as well, SULTAN has revived the magic of the very Big and HIT bollywood actor, SALMAN KHAN. This year has definitely proved to be lucky and fortunate for the ‘BHAI’ who has not only turned out to be a hit-machine at bollywood’s film collections but also a comparatively ‘free’ man, escaping both jurisdictions and equality.

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A ‘brother’ like figure to many and a God to his supportive fans, many criticize his lifestyle, stating ‘Salman is not hero and his entire life is a proof’. He is the under the list of the worse role models for the youth of today, who are completely drenched and lost in his everlasting charm and muscular figure. One of the Indian radio jockeys, had made it just to the point by saying, “ NA BOLI (not words), NA GOLI( not gun’s bullet), NA GAADI( not car), KISI PAR BHI LAGAAM NAHI BHAI  KA” ( our brother doesn’t holds control on any of them ). Unfortunately, the much generalized statement sounds quite true as one tries to take a deep introspection into the life of Salman. Charged for many controversial cases, including the ‘13 year old hit-and-run case’ and the shameful, ‘blackbuck and Chinkara case of 1988, Rajasthan’, Salman’s life is marked with many more incidents which have some or the other time shook the entire Bollywood fraternity. Apart from these two legal complications, he has been also highlighted as a insensitive man exercising abuse towards his partners, like Aishwariya Rai , who reportedly accused her love, Salman, for misbehavior and maltreatment being experienced by her. Moreover his latest controversial statement, for comparing his tiring shooting sessions to be equivalent to the feeling of a ‘raped woman’ had  landed him into deep troubles as he was summoned by the National Commission for Women ( NCW), who asked him for a public apology and a written explanation of such derogatory remark against women.

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Glutton for punishment, his controversies have been becoming bigger and popular, just like his stardom. There is definitely not silver but a gold lining, within the dark clouds of legal entanglements which had been hovering over the bollywood biggie, as he has been acquitted from two of his big cases, namely the hit and run and the Chinkara deer and blackbuck case, recently.

The heart-rending death of a 13 year old, wherein Salman khan was found guilty of being drunk and driving at an insanely high speed, causing the death of the 13 year old, took an interesting turn when Salman khan’s driver, Ashok Singh in his deposition became a defense witness and said in the trial court, that it was him on the wheels and not Salman. Supporting his ‘sold out’ honesty he further added that he had gone to the police after the mishappening had took place, but his statement was not recorded. Holding the evidences and both the eye-witnesses as ‘weak’ and ‘ suspicious’, Justice Joshi in his jam-packed courtroom had announced, “ strong suspicion can’t be enough to hold anyone guilty”, acquitting Salman. Tears in his eyes and a ‘thankyou’ addressed towards the support of millions, ‘madly’ and ‘blind’ followers, Salman walked out of the clutches of  law, making it evident that there is no rule for the ‘rich’ and ‘famous’. Guilty or not guilty, having huge bundles of that green paper is enough to set you free and live a normal life again.

This wasn’t the only happy news for ‘Bhai’, as his very old yet big case of poaching 2 Chinkaras and a Blackbuck, in the year 1988, has been recently dissolved, when the Rajasthan High Court on Monday, 25 july 2016 acquitted him in two cases related to poaching of Chinkaras and a Blackbuck in Jodhpur in 1998.  While shooting for his film, ‘Hum Saath, Saath Hain’ , Salman khan, along with his co-actors, as claimed, Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Sonali Bendre and Amrita Singh went on a hunting spree, killing two of the most endangered species, the Chinkara deer and the blackbuck and thus inviting legal complications again to the lives of all the stars. But, as it seems like, it was only Salman who was summoned by the court, while others were set free (maybe, ‘HUM SAATH SAATH NAHI HAIN).Leading to, Two separate cases were being registered against Salman under section 51 of Wildlife Protection Act for poaching of two chinkaras in village Bhawad on 26-27 September, 1998 and one chinkara in Mathania (Ghoda Farm) on 28-29 September, 1998.

The trial court (CJM) had convicted him in both the cases sentencing him to one year and 5 year imprisonment on February 17, 2006 and April 10, 2006 respectively.

The actor had appealed to the Rajasthan high court challenging a lower court's verdict that convicted him and sentenced him to one and five years in jail for the two cases of poaching. Reserving its decision, the high court acquitted Salman, on the basis of the rightful claims made by the defense lawyer stating the incident was being built on circumstantial evidences and lack of eye -witnesses. Besides this, the major observation by the court was that it did not find the pellets recovered from the vehicle matching with those, recovered from the possession of Khan.

Sitting pretty and leading a life of ‘no sin’ like a newly converted nun, Salman is yet to be relieved of almost all of his crimes. But as it looks like, he’ll be freed out of the rest of the mess as well. To this news, the twitteratis again use the over-hyped platform to express their aggressive views, hastagging Salmankhan. Some of these are quite hilarious and expressing deep distress over the existing judiciary system, like ‘Salman acquitted in blackbuck poaching case - The Indian Justice system is the best joke I've ever heard’, “Breaking- @BeingSalmanKhan to star in Raj Kumar Gupta's next suspense thriller- No One Killed , ‘No one killed the blackbuck’, Chinkara. #SalmanVerdict#BhaiKiJaiHo , and also targeting one of the songs of his movie, Maare hewda mein naache mor" not anymore because Salman might kill it’, was framed well.