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Kabali Fever Spread Everywhere

    “Naan Solrathaiyum  Seiven, Sollathathiyum Seiven.” No, it’s not some shloka written in Sanskrit, but it is also not less than the words uttered by the God himself, i.e, Rajnikanth. It is a dialogue from one of his hit movies, Annamalai, meaning “I will do what I say, I will also do what I don’t say”, and indeed with a prodigious comeback, our ‘Anna’ has proved that he is the supreme, the one and only best, when it comes to stardom and its power. Till now, the total collections of his recent hit, Kabali have been summed upto 415crore, while nearly 215 crore has been the ticket sales and the rest is pre-release money from the sales of various rights.

Breaking even the records of Salman, Sharukh and Aamir’s  box office collection, KABALI’s film collection has even beaten up the souring records of Baahubali, within a span of just one week! Also, the movie has earned Rs 90 crore abroad in the first weekend, out of which Rs 28 crore came from the US itself where the film is among the top 10 films whereas , the Indian collection for the first weekend was at around Rs 100 crore, as Kabali’s producer, Kalaipuli S Dhanu spoke to the Indian Express. Now that’s the fame our very own, Thalaiva, who’s timeless heroism and gripping power-packed action performances have made him attain the position of #1,all by himself, or as he likes to say it, “kanna, panni dhan Kootama varum. Singam Singleaa dhaan varum”, or as it inculcates, ‘kid; only pigs come in herds, but a Lion always comes alone.”. Also, as glittery as it sounds, but Kabali’s total budget was quite modest, for about 75 crores, wherein nearly 50-60 crores belonged to Rajni’s  big lion share, for all what it seems like was worth it. While most of the shoot happened on sets in Chennai, Malaysian Tamils — where Rajinikanth holds sway — helped alot during the Malaysian leg of Kabali’s shooting. In fact, the luxury cars used during the shooting in Malaysia were given free by the people living there, as it was reported.

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From roads, to mobile phones, to malls, and even Airplanes, Rajini was everywhere!

Big brand endorsements were being latched onto Kabali fever. A special aircraft was being readied for takeoff to coincide with the release of the big blockbuster. Yes, Malaysian carrier, Air Asia had partnered with the film and a Kabali-special plane was being painted and stickered in keeping with the theme of the movie and showcasing the face of the superstar as well. Telecommunication giant, Airtel had also jumped onto the Kabali bandwagon, distributing Kabali recharge pack, Kabali special caller tunes, Kabali start-up kits for new customers, an opportunity for subscribers to send SMS-wishes for Rajinikanth and a compilation of these messages into a coffee table book for the actor, a van with holographic technology for film promotions – the Kabali-Airtel package goes on and on. Cadbury, the Indian chocolate factory, has been tagging the 5 star chocolate with Kabali besides advertisement panels on Tamil Nadu buses plying with posters bearing the tagline `Superstar ka 5 star’ and ‘Superstar in 5 star’ besides road shows near colleges, schools and popular malls – nearly 18,000 Kabali-Cadbury cutouts have been placed across India. While radio FM stations have been pitching feverishly, offering free tickets for an SMS from a listener. Fans have been hoping to get lucky, don’t even mind their dimes spent for an SMS, and the mobile services are ringing in a fortune as the total number of SMSs have crossed over one lakh!!! ‘. “Neruppu Da”, which means ‘it’s fire’ seems so appropriate as Kabali’s madness catches fire wherever it has reached so far, while people are seen howling and hooting across all the cinema halls and multiplexes.

Movie Ticket prices are soaring high!

The theatre owners especially in Tamil Nadu have been able to sell the tickets at a price which is 5 times higher than the original! Earning a big portion of Fortune in the name of Rajinikant, seems to the only mantra for a flourishing business for all the movie theatre owners, down to the south. Nearly Rupees 500-600 for morning shows, sounds irrational, but definitely not for a hardcore fan, for who, as reported, have slept near the cinema halls itself, to get the privilege to watch the first day-first show, as the film was released. However, the cost of the ticket is not major issue, but it is the unavailability which had sustained for the initial days, disappointing the masses. As one fan stated, We don’t have issues with the ticket prices. It’s once in two or three years, you get a Thalaivar (Rajinikanth’s) film. If you can’t shell out Rs 1,000 for your matinee idol, then what kind of a fan are you”.  That’s the glory of this godly-figure, who has not only been an on screen hero, but also serving to be a role model to uncountable devotees.


As it has been anticipated, there are no new releases to compete with this smashing, floor-breaking hit till the first week of August. Thus, it might not be wrong to say, that Kabali Fever shall persist for long and soon the entire nation might be captivated with this madness or as our superstar says himself, Pera kettaale chumma adhirudhulla! (Doesn't everything quake at the mere mention of my name?). Definitely, the movie has shaken the lands it has reached so far and created ruckus with mad-men dancing everywhere. All one can do is, grab a seat for himself and be enchanted to the Ever-green charm of Rajini- the God.