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Mere “Tragedy” And No “Comedy”

The definition of comedy has been evolving just as a nation’s surges to development, and so it is understood discordantly. ’Restlessness ‘to some and a ‘revolution ‘to others. The set back to any satire , or a ridicule over a given community has always made an  ‘entertainer’ fall prey to a sea of commotions . Since Chaplin’s era to American funny bone , JOHN OLIVER and  now of the infamous , Indian stand-up comedian ,KAPIL SHARMA , all have been a victim to social , political and ethical beliefs prescribed by the bounded rules of society.  Recently , a parody based on  the character of an Indian nurse , spelled troubles for the ‘loved’ television comedian , Kapil Sharma to face the rage of a community of nurses from Amritsar claiming the act as “ vulgar” and attempts to objectifying nurses in an unacceptable manner.

Now , in the same league  is the Co- founder of one of the most  followed ‘ comedy gang ‘ , AIB , Tanmay Bhatt,who has became indigestible crunch for almost every Maratha leader. This wasn’t something new to the “tragedy mein comedy” king, Tanmay ,as his  ‘funny’ team  had been bombarded  with 5 legitimate PIL over their roast show offering ‘ filthy’ content. Finding it still passable , Tanmay continued his comedy style as his video , titled “Sachin Vs Lata Civil war “ went viral all over the social media and YouTube . The humorist , “face swapped “ the  the two legends , LATA MANGESHKAR and SACHIN TENDULKAR , and further initiating a chucklesome conversation between them . Expecting the public to go bananas over the joke , it had turned some of the faces red over the sketch. The video reportedly turned down a large section of the Maratha community  and was considered a disgrace to national integrity. In the agitation towards the same ,  the political luminaries like , Raj Thakeray’s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) , winning BJP state president , Ashish Shelar and the ‘ no –nonsense’ tolerating , Shiv Sena had asked the CM , Devendra Fadnavis to file a suit against AIB. Under the pressures due to the same, Mumbai police has asked the legal experts to remove the content from Google and YouTube. Being uprooted from his social rights, due to political efficacy, Tanmay also has fallen prey to ‘serious threats’ and warnings . Even the people of his industry , Kiku Sharda , who had been behind the bars to imitate one of the spiritual leaders, believes that it’s an act of shameful desertion and “there is limit to everything”. Considering it as a unjust humour , the rising speaker , Anupam kher called the video having “no humour” at all. Bashful comments and tweets became a common phenomenon in past 2 days on Twitter and Facebook  .  Never showing a back to his haters, Tanmay Bhatt came up with a meme depicting his feeling of ‘déjà vu’ , as it reminded him of his past struggles post the AIB ROAST show . Such incidents held a commonplace in the past as well. Louis CK , renowned American stand-up artist had fell trapped to a great hustle when in  , on one of the shows named ‘ Saturday Night Live’ , he made a controversial remark on racism and child molestation ( that was quite harsh!) .  Presuming the crowd’s reaction he said that it could be his ‘last show’ . Luckily, his apology to the public had saved his career to plunge over. Another incident where ,  with the growing popularity  under the list of  ‘the most hated men in UK’ in 2001 ,  Chris Morris, had  became displeasure to the eyes of journalists, politicians and general public when he showcased a sarcastic display of media’s “ hysterical” behavior and moral panic in pedophilia. Lastly ,  the “Jam” had added some sweetness to his professional downs. He carries his dark drape of mystery still with himself along his class apart surrealism and controversial humor. Despite of being ridiculed over their buffoonery traits , these ‘ funny brave men’  lead  out their ways to overwhelming success and fame . Anticipating a similar verdict for the Indian  gag-man, Tanmay who is now facing a craggy  battle of ‘true humour’ and unreal controversies ( atleast for a AIB fan) , where the opponents having sublime thoughts , the social media has became the ‘judge’ . May the judgment be granted with some ‘ chill’ , as the country starves to have good reasons to laugh at . Rather than beginning a daily routine with a newspaper having bunch of disappointing and sensible truth , why not with a merry , “funny to many” ,no – brainer joke? Has India became more intolerant to jokes than to it’s own set of below –the – par issues ? and Yes, the  answer to these questions should surely not be funny. Thus ,there is a need to understand that definition of comedy is wavering , per say , and is subject to unalike reactions. So , sit back and relax , because “it was just a joke!”.