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Nepotism And Bollywood

They say one has to be blessed to be a good actor, but in India one just has to be born into a filimy family, were talent has no virtue. One has to wonder, how it would all start for someone who gets into films due to family background. Is it possible that one day the likes of formally overweight actors like Varun Dhawan,Sonam Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and many past and present actors who got up and walked up to their superstar mom or dad and said “Muhjay Hero-Heroine banado” and the parent reply, first lose your weight and then we can plan. So out they go running to the gym and getting hold of the best gym instructor and dietician money could get and get in shape.

In the mean while the star kid starts taking acting lessons, some go to NYU, Berkley or some other expensive film school and learns how to cry, smile and laugh. The process can be rather painful. Then comes the elocution lessons, some cosmetic nitpick; you know a cut here a nip there, some assets enlarged and in a year or two you are ready to launch into stardom. The film will be produced by an uncle of yours who would publicly declare that he had no idea how talented my “Bacha” is. And if the first movie is a hit, headlines a star is born.

Meanwhile a young actor with talent is running from pillar to post, from one producer to the next trying to get a break. While the star kid will interviewed by a magazine were they will talk about what pain and difficulty they had to endure to reach this level. Stories of struggle and anguish will be concocted for glossy magazines. Wait a minute we have to go back and check on our struggling actor. Well what do got here, seems he or she has gotten a break in television and working first as young man/woman and less than year later he/she is a grandpa/grandma. Now no one can say talent is wasted in television. Some big names came from TV land such as“King Khan”. But we shall call him an anomaly.

One has got to wonder what it would have been like for an Akshay Kumar, Irrfan Khan, Manoj Bajpai and   Kangna Ranaut to look back and see themselves how far they have reached. Star kids or sadda Puttar of the film industries mean while will act in few films and if no one is offering them any more films, actors like Isha deol, Harman Baweja will just ask mommy and daddy to produce their next film. If that does not work get married to a rich industrialist and for men become a producer like Uday Chopra. For all the great films his father made, he should had been sent to prison for introducing his son.

But as they say talent always manages to find its way. It is good to see fresh talent getting its due in Bolllywood finally. It is very sad to see when actors like Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt and Tiger Sheroff will be deemed as stars, as if it is there destiny. It’s funny when they would say “I never wanted to be an actor it just happened”. Right like you weighed like a whale six months ago and now you are doing movie.