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Sex is not as complex and nerve racking as many of us tend to believe. It gets better with experience and the more intimate you are with your partner the more pleasure one can derive from physical relationship. Do not be fooled or intimidated by watching porn and seeing those crazy sex positions and sex asanas. That is acting and choreography. The reality is when we watch porn, in all the excitement, we do not realize is it is “Edited.” All the scream and moaning in ecstasy is fake.

So people do not worry about all these silly things, as long as you are comfortable with your partner and most importantly share a very intimate emotional relationship. Sex will always be most enjoyable because sex is all about feelings and emotions.

This three letter word is always not about vaginal penetration because most of the time it is not possible to achieve orgasm through this process. That is why the best way to start is by doing some good old “Oral Sex”. Yes the use of Penis can never be discounted, but there is more to sex than what meets the eye. Oral sex gives you the opportunity to fully explore your partner’s body and you will find out different spots which drives your partner mad with pleasure.

People have sex for lots of reasons, but ask anyone and they will tell you sex is most enjoyed when there is an emotional intimacy. Oral sex will help you a long way. Here are some simple positions which will make oral sex pleasurable for you and your partner.

  1. Enjoying when fully or partially clothed


Anticipation is also a pleasure device and sometimes when people are fully or partially clothed one can still enjoy sex. Kissing and groping while undressing can be a very sensual experience and yes there is the possibility of your cloths getting torn, but sometimes it is worth it. Go Wild, Recommended.While your partner undresses you, you can play with him or her. You can fondle, suck or do some fingering. It is possible both of you could reach climax even before you hit the bed.

  1. Sideways 69

This position will give gratification to both partners simultaneously and it is a very easy and comfortable position because all you have to do is lie on top of the other—lie on your sides.

Zero stress to body but you can derive more


fun and at the same time check the facial expression of your partner. This is a time tested act of pleasure so do try it.

  1. In your face


All one has to do is simply lie down while your partner places her vagina or penis is right in front of your mouth. Also you can use your hands to fondle the breast and pinch the nipple slightly and your partner will enjoy. This position can be a little stressful for women with the legs up in the air, but sometimes a little stress can also be arousing.

  1. Kissing and fondling  

This is best after you have done having sex and you are both simply lying on the bed and talking and you then gently kiss her lips while your hands kindle her breast or ass or  her vagina and in the mean time she will gently


stroke your penis. What happens is while you are hands are at work, your eyes are firmly fixated on your partner. You will be able to tell who is getting aroused the most. One can even have contest, who comes first.

  1. On the edge of the bed


A lot can happen in the bed room when two lovers are having a bit of fun on the edge of bed. The women could kneel and suck the penis or the man can simply lift the women’s legs and bury his face and use his tongue to stimulate the clitoris. Also the women can rest her legs on the man’s shoulders and he could gently caress and massage the breast.

  1. Simple masturbation

Masturbation is good for your health and it has been confirmed by doctors, but what happens when someone else does it you. This experience can be extremely mind blowing for you. Just the thought of someone’s hand touches you there. If you decided to give masturbation to each other, do so gently at the beginning and do not forget to talk while you are pleasuring your partner.