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Reasons Why One Should Read HARRY POTTER Series At Least Once In Their Lifetime

I’m one crazy Potterhead and most of my friends are too, so we’ve like read the the whole series over and again. But I’m writing this post mainly for the interest of my non-Potterhead friends who most of the times keep debating as to what’s so good about the series, and for everyone out there who hasn’t read them. Well, today when everyone’s going gaga over Game of Thrones(I like this one too :P ) and Pokemon Go, I would like to bring you the magic and charm of Harry Potter series and why you should read it.

1. Friendships

  1. The Series is more than a story about Wizards and Witches.

There’s so much more in it. There’s a whole lot one could learn from. It is full of life lessons and has taught me so much about friendship, love, bravery, goodness that dwells in humans, and also how to deal with one’s downfall. Many people have grown with Harry Potter, so for them it represents their childhood. This applies for me as well since I have loved them since I was in school. These books teach you how there’s no limits to imagination. You will relate to so many characters and it might even help you sort many situations in life. (obviously situations won’t be exactly the same, but still.)

2. Chances to escape

  1. Chances to escape reality and enter the Wizarding World.

So okay, one reason why I like reading these books is because I can lose myself in a world where rules of real world do not apply(well, not all the times). It gives you a chance to escape into the wonderful world where you can travel to bizarrely amazing places that one couldn’t normally think of. You could get to ride the famous Hogwarts express alongside Harry and his friends, attend classes where you don’t have to solve problematic questions of algorithms or find out what plus what amounts to what, instead attend classes such as Transfiguration and Potions(bonus with Prof. Snape). Slipping away into the world of Wizardry will allow you to experience the best adventure of your life.

3. Not a novel about Boy meets Girl

  1. Not a novel about Boy meets Girl and falls in love.

Not that romance doesn’t occur, but that strictly isn’t what the novels all about. Romance comes up in the last few books and trust me that’s how you’ll love it. There’s adventure, fantasy, magic, good versus evil, morality, friendship, family, and more. Romance isn’t the plot and that’s not what motivates the characters in their actions. Our world today is filled with teenage romances and I think it’s great to read a story that is primarily filled with friendship amongst everything else.


  1. Women are more than just pretty pieces and love interests.

There’s more to women than being just dainty, helpless, and in love with a man. Harry Potter series has women that are fierce, for example, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Molly Weasley, Minerva McGonagall, Luna Lovegood, etc. These women thrive on education, friendship, and the betterment of the Wizarding world. Also the women aren’t treated as helpless victims who have to sit on the sidelines and watch the boys do the work, instead, they are equally involved in the action, often proving their magical skills are more capable of victory. All thanks to the author J.K. Rowling for creating such strong female characters just as they should be.

5. Sometimes not so happily-ever-after

  1. Sometimes not so ‘happily ever-after’ is the best resolution.

All those who are already fans of GOT will understand this, because their is a war to defeat Voldemort, so naturally people die. Often the characters with whom you get most attached to at times. The fact that Rowling kills so many of our most beloved characters resembles real life outside of the books. People die unexpectedly, and not everything ends happily ever after. Sometimes, heartache is required in order to reach the next stage in life. This series allows you to experience that within the pages.

6. Instant Connection

  1. Instant connection with characters.

You will easily connect to at least one character in the whole series. Also could be more than one. I personally feel more connected with characters of Ron Weasley and Luna Lovegood, funny and a little weird at times. For some it may be the lead character Harry Potter himself. The series gives you insight to many different characters and allows you to learn about the many types of personalities and character traits of humans in general. Reading this series will cause you to bond with a fictional character, and sometimes, those bonds are the ones that truly matter because no matter what happens, they’ll always be there waiting for you to return.

7. Hogwarts

  1. Hogwarts will become your Home.

Rowling once in an interview said- “Whether you come back by page or big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” This series has indeed welcomed me home ever since I started reading them and watched the movies. I find an amazing pleasure in knowing that for the rest of my life I’ll always have Hogwarts, Harry, and the great fandom along with it.

I hope my reasons here will be able to persuade my non-Potterhead friends to read the series at least once, and then they’ll see the magic occurring themselves. As for my Potterhead brethren, if you have more reasons to add you’re most welcome and let me know your thoughts in the comments.