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Pepsi Co India is among the largest companies in India. It has always been on the cutting edge of the culture and been the voice of the generations, and when it comes to campaigning, they have been equally alluring. This year Pepsi Co has brought yet another new campaign that is fresh and very engaging. Pepsi Co chose to spark unexpected conversations and action around the world with today’s truly global language, the Emoji’s. The global #Pepsimoji campaign was brought to India which took inspiration to another to another level having launched truly Indian campaign “Jaisa Mood, Waisi Pepsi” so that the fans can #SayItWithPepsi.

The Pepsi Co Design & Innovation Center created hundreds of PepsiMoji designs for a universal language system proprietary to the brand. In India, consumers will be able to find 38 PepsiMoji designs, including eight designs that reflect the unique nature of India and the Indian consumer – from the traditionally Turbaned man, the quintessential lunch dabba and popular snacks like dosas and samosas, to musical instrument Tabla and celebrities like Virat Kohli and Ranbir Kapoor.

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Well, Pepsi Co made it more striking by using this campaign for a fun and impactful on-ground activation in a college campus in Delhi University. As Emoji’s have become more than just icons to serve as a global language, so Pepsi thought which group of people are more into Emoji’s -- College goers. So Pepsi brought together college kids, emojis and Pepsi- all three go well together and it was further proved by this innovative vending machine in the Delhi college campus based on the theme of “Jaisa Mood, Waisi Pepsi”, so instead of money, the fans were asked to pick an emoji displayed on the interactive machine’s screen. Picture college kids and a sign that says “No Money, No Problem”- can’t get more bang on that. So based on the mood they picked, they were then asked to perform fun activities like “Do your party dance” or “Bowl and appeal loudly” and on successful completion of the task given, the #PepsiMoji machine would dispense a chilled bottle of the beverage, free of cost.

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This was a killer campaign by Pepsi and worked out really well. Perfectly appealing to the target group chosen, given that campus folks practically talk through emojis day in and out. This was just amazing, all you see could were happy faces and grand publicity with actual words. We cannot stop but call for Pepsi to take a bow- awesome job!