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Top 5 Binge-Watch Shows For 2020

The educational shows help to educate people. On the other hand, entertainment shows can light up your mood on the weekends. If you are a historical drama lover then you might be surprised after watching those series. While you are thinking about what you can watch during self-isolation then here are the names of the shows what you have not watched or even heard before.


Stranger Things

It is one of the top-rated shows on the internet from its launch. The third season is out also, and the fourth season will eventually come this year. The crews of Stranger Things are slightly nerdy and they all are pre-teens and they face some unexpected supernatural incidents. This show is full of mystery, horror, and nostalgia. You can find the strong bond of friendship in this show. However, if you have not watched this then you must watch Stranger Things first.

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Dear White People

If you are a drama lover then this Dear White People is just for you. It is a part comedy and part drama. In this drama, you can find a group of students, and those students navigate the microaggressions on their campus. Their campus is filled with white students and those white students declare themselves as they are not racist. You are going to watch different situations, from their blackface party to the security aggression. Mostly the black people get affected by this. This is a great show about unconscious biases, so you must watch this.


Queer Eye

It is a reboot of the 90s show called Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. This is an emotional show. Also, this insightful reality show have five queer men, these men help people to improve their life. They help all the genders out there. Everybody knows these five people for their work. They also become famous personalities for their work. After helping people they finally watch themselves on –screen it is the turning point of this show. If you have not seen this show then you must watch Queer Eye. In this show, you can find how positive people help and encourage other people to bring growth in their life.


Orange Is the New Black

It is a very popular show. This show has released in 2019, but this is one of the most top-rated shows on the internet. So, it is famous even in 2020 as well. This is an American comedy-drama. The director is Jenji Kohan. This is especially based on the memoir of Piper Kerman and her experience. This show got a reward for its fifth, sixth, and seventh season. After releasing its last part it has become the most-watched show available on the internet. In this show, you can find a 30 years old woman gets prison for fifteen months in Newyork. She was from an upper-middle-class family and she transports drug money to an international drug dealer So, this thriller is a must-watch show.



It is also a very famous show for your binge-watching. The first season is full of surprises that you will enjoy while watching this. After watching a few seasons you cannot leave the show because it is full of suspense and mystery. Somehow it can give you confusion but the good looking cast and the melodrama will satisfy any binge-watcher. 

Here are the top five binge-watch recommendations which will make this 2020 interesting.