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Top 5 Documentaries Made On Conspiracy Theories

If you are searching for some of the weirdest, interesting, mind-blowing and most famous conspiracies of all time, we have them listed for your entertainment to flick them about. 

They are interesting and a great watch for fun and may catch you with surprise or terror. Let’s get them listed:

1. Honey Land (2019)

This is an astonishing environmental documentary about one of Europe’s last wild beekeepers. The scene takes place in an abandoned village in Macedonia, where Hatidze's life is filmed as she cares for her family and the bees.  But, her life is interrupted when a family comes along, she grows weary of their disruptive behaviour and feels threatened for her bees. Honey land is a portrait of familial love, climate change, harmonious life with nature and many others.

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2. Conspiracy Theory: Did we land on the moon? (2001)

The discussion on the first man to step foot on the moon has been quite a controversy. Many are still in question on the first man to step on the moon: Neil Armstrong. Did he create a historical moment with Apollo 11 or was it a hoax? There are a group of people, theories, proof etc that this was all a farce and it was impossible to accomplish. Watch it for yourself and decide what fits best in your view!

3. Room 237 (2012)

Room 237 is a story or documentary about Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”. After its release, it got a largely glowing review as it spawns wide-ranging theories. The theories were all about thematic overtone, symbolism which points to a series of events such as fake moon landing, series of hexagonal and many others that surface throughout the movie. 

4. Citizenfour (2014)

Laura Poitras, the director gives you first-hand insights into the leaks of the US Government. She and her crew flew to Hong Kong to interview Edward Snowden, a man who exposed the NSA spying scandal. The documentary is about the exposure details given by the ex-NSA contractor who revealed secrets about the global surveillance operation. It’s a brilliant fascinating movie which straddles between cinema and reportage, art and journalism. 

5. The Great Hack (2019)

The Great Hack is a well-executed, eye-opening documentary that covered the Cambridge Analytica scandal. It offers an alarming glimpse of a massive breach of the privacy of millions of people. Data of people is being weaponized and exploited for political gain. The potential risk of data posses through digital rights through social media shows how fewer rights we have over our private data. Heightened with drama blend in with complex tech information, this documentary will have you chew your fingernails. 


Conspiracy theories spring from overwhelming and contradictory information. Many documentaries are made based on the available experience, personal values, experience etc.