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Top 5 Sitcoms Of All Time

The reason it is so is that television has grown to showcase some of the best stories around. It has done so in the most innovative way to tell stories and is equally engaging visually. This article will inform you of some of the best sitcoms that are worth binge-watching.

 1.    The Big Bang Theory

 It is regarded as one of the more blockbuster sitcoms. It is one sitcom that garnered ratings which were massive. It had managed to build an audience which was huge, as they say, a cult following. It garnered fans and viewers which were immensely devoted to the show. It managed to get a populist appeal which is quite rare. The show and their stars have won multiple Emmys, making it one of the most iconic sitcoms. The story is continuously entertaining. It concerns a few scientists and their life; it explores various aspects of their life and attempts to bring out the humor in multiple slices of life scenes.

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2. The Thick of It

 If you love politics and if you like comedy then this show will win your heart. The show takes on the political system of Britain. Veep, which is another famous sitcom, can be very much compared to The Thick of It. The episodes are limited to 24, but even then it managed to garner a lot of attention. It is dark in humor and satirical. It was created by Armando Iannucci.

 3. Eastbound & Down

 It is one of the more underrated tv shows. Often misread as shock comedy which is vulgar, due to the fact that people tend to connect it to as versions of fratty comedies such as the Farrelly brothers and also American Pie. It is one of the great parodies of sports and southern American culture. It also parodies the masculinity of toxic nature. It can easily be regarded as one of the more modern masterpieces starring Danny Mcbride. Danny is known to partake in exceptional comedies, and he only takes his performance up a notch in this series as a sportsman of baseball. Produced by the likes of Will Ferrell, you know it is bound to be good. It explores various life situations of the sportsman, as he struggles to achieve his ambition.

 4. Seinfeld

 This show was a trendsetter. Created by the comedians such as Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, the story follows four friends who are single. The story is about New York and the absurdities of life in the city.

 5. Friends

 It is one of those American sitcoms which is regarded as a classic. It laid the foundation of many of the shows that would follow it. The story is about friends who are very close-knit. It follows their adventure of life as they stay together and spend time together.