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Top 5 TV Shows On Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime consistently updates its media list to bring to you the latest of all the TV shows and movies. Amazon also produces many shows to bring to its user's unique shows that are only available on its platform. This article has a list of TV shows that you will enjoy watching. They cover a wide range of genres so everybody can find something of their liking.

Good Omens

This TV series is an adaptation of the famous novel of the same name. Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett wrote this novel. They are very renowned writers who are known to write many of the remarkable stories of fantasy. 

This series is a 6-part adaptation of the book. The story is of mythical fantasy where the protagonists team up to prevent the coming of the antichrist. The cast has some very reputed actors such as Jon Hamm, Nick Offerman, and many other faces that are highly familiar. The series is filled with much quirky humour and takes on various aspects of human and biblical history.

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Marvellous Mrs Maisel

You know it is tough to find authentic periodic drama. Finding an excellent recurrent comedy is even more difficult. This show is an excellent option for a set comedy show. The show follows the protagonist, who makes a career in stand-up comedy after separating from her husband.

With Rachel Brosnahan in the lead, the show bagged the trophy of Golden Globe in the category of best comedy or musical.

The lead actress won the best actress in the same category. With the golden globe awards in her bag, you can be sure this will be one good show.

The tick

Are you a superhero fan? Do you love superhero shows such as avengers or batman? If you are and are also looking for some new show of the similar kind, then this show fits the bill. Peter Serafinowicz leads the show as the Tick and Griffin Newman as his sidekick. The show has managed to maintain the absurdity and the humour from the original comic it has been adapted from.


A show deemed as one of the sharpest comedies in television; it managed to win the Emmy awards in 2019. However, comic the show is, it has an undercurrent of sadness. The protagonist's behaviour is of a compulsive liar, who is selfish and wanton. The character is of a neurotic woman who struggles to manage a business that is failing and a personal life, which seems disastrous.

Bored to Death

This is a great TV show for people who like stoner comedies with a pinch of noir spoof. The show is about a struggling writer who enlists himself as an unlicensed detective on craigslist. The show follows his adventure as he goes about the town to solve his missions.

These are some of the best shows that you must binge-watch when you are at home.