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YouTube vs TikTok ‘War’ Everything You Need To Know

And after several fans reported the video of CarryMinati YouTube has taken down the video for violating YouTube's guidelines. So, here's exactly what happened.

Who and what started this fight?

A popular TikTok creator named Amir Siddiqui who has millions of followers and gets millions of views as well shared a video accusing some YouTubers of copying their original content and even called them out of not having unity. And Ajey Nagar a.k.a. CarryMinati who is a popular YouTube creator took it quite personally and posted a roast video. CarryMinati is better known as his electrifying roast videos.

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What triggered the situation?

Amir Siddiqui also left an open challenge to roast him, and as you all know Carry took this opportunity. CarryMinati posted a roast video a few days after the incident and roasted him based on his grammar mistakes, dressing and hairstyle, appearance, content, educational background, tricks to seek attention and many other things. CarryMinati fans were overwhelmed and showed massive support to him. The number of likes increased rapidly. But TikTok fans didn't seem to take this sportingly rather they took it personally and called out Carry for Bullying and harassing.

 What happened afterwards?

Amir Siddiqui responds within a few days by uploading another video. In the video, he stated his side of the story. He said that he is not against YouTube but some particular creators who harass people in the name of the roast. He also added he expected the exact opposite of what Carry did. He accused Carry of cyberbullying. Though he claimed to take the roast sportingly and to end the matter there.

YouTube took down Carry's Video

The next big thing happened when YouTube took down the video saying it violated their community guidelines. A lot of fans who thought Carry's video was inappropriate reported the video which resulted in this. Now other popular YouTube creators and CarryMinati's devoted fans started a hashtag #justiceforcarry on social media wanting the video back up on his channel.

This is the exact scene that is going on regarding the issue TikTok vs YouTube. Hoping this detailed article will help understand the situation and you can choose whom to support.