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5 Inspiring Books One Should Read During This Lockdown

So while you’re cloistered inside the house, sneaking out with a good, immersive book proffers clean relief.

Here’s my pick of 5 heart-warming ones to lose yourself in the much-needed escapism.

1.    The Light Years

Written by Elizabeth Jane Howard, the book marks the beginning of The Cazalet Chronicles, a classic series. Set in the backdrop of the summer of 1937, the story involves the reunion of three generations of the Cazalet family at their ancestral home somewhere in the downtown area of Sussex.

Howard is gifted with superb writing and storytelling skills. If you have enjoyed this, there are four more to read on the Cazalets and their varied escapades – Marking Time, Confusion, Casting Off, and All Change.

2.    What Ho!

Lots of readers have recourse to PG Wodehouse to bring in light banter and relief during inclement times. PG Wodehouse is adjudged the finest comic writer of all time. He’s acclaimed for having created and habituated us with his peerless characters – Jeeves and Wooster.

What Ho! is compiled as an assemblage of his distinguished work with adequate support from various PG Wodehouse societies spread all across the world. The halcyon world of Wodehouse can never shrivel. By making a world suitable to live in and wallow in, he continues setting future generations free from the shackles of constraints and subjugation.

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3.    The Authenticity Project

The book is the debut novel of Clare Pooley. It encapsulates a story revolving around six strangers each of who is living through a lie.

Out of sheer loneliness and severance from the outside world, Julian, an elderly ostentatious artist sets off writing down the underlying truth about his life in a notebook and abandons it in a café to be read by others. The biography story is picked up by Monica, the owner of the café who was also a lawyer by profession. The book lingers on as Monica narrates her undying wish to have a baby.

In a very short time, the book has garnered immense popularity and helped to bring together people with varied kaleidoscopes. It’s an inspiring story that lays emphasis on the significance of truth and friendship bolstered by characters that come to life on every page.

4.    Crooked Heart

Lissa Evan comes up with her fourth novel in Crooked Heart. The book is a bonafide gem beautifully composed and replete with fun, allure, and things to cherish.

Set in the Blitz period, the book depicts the story of Noel Bostock, a ten-year-old boy living with Mattie, his godmother somewhere at the borders of Hampstead Heath. With Noel’s school drawing to a close, Mattie a broad-minded feminist begins teaching Noel profound, complex subjects such as the origin of the French Revolution and the definition of freedom. Noel’s life goes for a dramatic toss when, one fine day, Mattie disappears into oblivion and his life is usurped by Vee Sedge, distressed with life messier than his own.

Evans brings forth the London of 1940s bright and shining – the whole shebang starting from the air raid shelters, the rationing, and the desperate survival measures that people adopted to Noel’s convivial relationships with his patrons.

5.    Reasons to be Cheerful

When it comes to books by Nina Stibbe, they always end bringing a smile to our faces. With “Reasons to be Cheerful” things aren’t any different.

Nina got going with an autobiographical "Love, Nina" that instantly brought her in the mainstream. Later, she warmed up to fiction and this happens to be her third novel.

Set during the 1980s, the book hinges on Lizzie Vogel, a teenager who deserts her “nymphomaniacal, alcoholic, and novel-writing” mother to take off the calling of a dental assistant in a new job. The novel is chockfull with rejoice and laughter which helped it win the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize in 2019 in the comic fiction category.

So, what’ stopping you to go back to basics? Get hold of a book and lap up the snug folds of your comforteror sunshine in your garden.