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  1. Are you looking for a way that provides you the best information on the top-most medical service providing hospitals and clinics? Well, there is no need to worry, because is one amongst the best platforms that have been designed to empower patents like you and provide them with appropriate information, ratings, facilities and reviews regarding the medical services in the Middle East area.

    We understand how important it is for you to know about the hospitals and clinics before you can approach them for consultations and treatments, hence, we focus on providing the ratings of those hospitals and medical clinics on the basis of their treatment, experiences, feedbacks and reviews of the patients, maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene, their communication and their precision and dedication towards every patient.


  2. We let you choose healthcare facilities according to your own convenience
  3. We excel in providing the patients a list of more than a thousand top hospitals and clinics in Dubai and UAE so that they can choose and approach them according to their own preference and convenience.

  4. We let you compare the hospitals and clinics on the basis of the reviews
  5. We stand out amongst every other similar platform since we help the patients find those specific medical services that they require and the feedback treatment of those healthcare institutes from their own fellow peers who have already seek services and treatments from those hospitals.

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  6. We help you connect with the hospitals before approaching them for medical services
  7. We offer to people the opportunity to get connected with those healthcare institutes and medical clinics and help them book their appointments in seconds for which they might have waited for a longer period of time.

  8. We offer you special rebates for the treatments in the clinics and hospitals
  9. is considered to be the best platform for getting to know about the nearby health care hospitals in Dubai and UAE because we also offer the patients avail special discounts in these medical services.


    One cannot put a price on people’s own personal experience regarding health and their treatments that they received from the healthcare centres. Each personal review made on is significant because it can help patients make informed and right decisions about hospitals, healthcare centres and even clinics in their neighbourhood in Dubai and UAE. provides a perfect arena to share personal experiences and independent reviews through which the patients become more educated about medical facilities and services that they can avail around the world.


    In today’s world, we are well-aware of the fact that the medical services and treatments are quite expensive not only for outpatients but inpatients as well. This necessitates a growing need for new platforms that can help the patients to identify high-quality hygienic health care services at prices which are affordable. Our major goal at is to decrease the uncertainties about the healthcare service providers and hence enhances the transparency of the general standards.


    We pride ourselves because enables the users to provide reliable and first-hand knowledge regarding their experiences of the services provided by the healthcare centres so that valuable information can be shared with other patients. The information available on our website is free and easily accessible that aims to offer the families peace of mind while locating a healthcare service provider in their neighbourhood in Dubai and UAE.

    So, be quick and approach our website today!

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