Take Your Business To A Digital High

When I was setting up my business, I started with Digital Marketing and Mobile Apps development services. Mobile Apps assignments have not been an area to be worried of in terms of business, but digital marketing is an industry that witnesses constant changes every now and then. These changes not only bring about amendments to the strategy or the modus operandi but also the talent selection and grooming the existing resources. It becomes critically important to update the marketing strategy as per what the market requires and as per how the modern market runs. And the most important pre-requisite is the will and guts to welcome change.

Breaking the Tradition

I have come across a lot of business houses that are running good, I would not say better, but are following the oldest ways of marketing, forget about digital ways. In the name of digital practices, they have a static and out dated website which has the traffic coming from their own employees and close customers. Citing one example sans the brand name; there is this Chennai based company dealing in water management and some CSR activities as well. They have got group sites as well. If we look at the existing websites, the first thing we will notice a government style design done when WWW was first introduced to Government agencies. They lack normal search engine optimization activities done on and off the site. No brand reputation management and nothing literally to enhance the company reputation on online platforms. While we approached them for the overhauling of their websites and brand management through digital platforms, they were hesitant. Their technology officer was not comfortable with modern changes and for him it was just a waste of time. However, we finally were able to convince them to go for it. But that’s a different story altogether.

The Requisites

Marketing means bringing business to the organization and sustaining it for a long time. But, it is not a domestic Gold business that have loyal local people who entirely rely on their Gold Smith or Jewelers. They will always go to the shops which have a personal relationship with many generations of the family. Here in Big Data centric market, there is dire need of digitalizing the marketing solution and that will happen only when the top notch of the business understands technology and that too the futuristic technology. They will allow the introduction of the modern trends to the business and marketing strategy team. Brand Reputation Management and Brand Optimization is the need of the hour. There are a lot of rivals who use a matching name as yours and run their shows taking in the prospective customers which you are not aware as you are not digitally active. Somehow, the elderly heads of the business have got themselves accustomed to Facebook and trying to get familiar with Twitter. But when it comes to Branding trough digital media they have not really capitalized the opportunity.

It is high time for all the businesses to get online marketing strategy straight and try finding some innovative solutions to run their first campaign. This will help them get lost reputation and get access to the niche market and customers fast. They will be in direct contact with their customers and clients all the time. Time is passing by and there is an urgency to capitalize on the opportunity available. It’s a low investment, if properly done, good ROI is for you.