The days of struggling to match workers with employers are over

A lot of progress has been made to ensure entire recruiting process is simple and more efficient and that is why a lot of effort has been made with regards to talent analytics. This way a better relationship and communication between recruiting services and companies can be developed and in that process, repair the candidate experience and have access to untapped sources of hire. The challenge is that employment market continues to be very competitive and it is not easy to find quality, skilled candidates to meet their needs. That is why recruitment agencies are looking at different ways to retaining talent and work on better candidates experience so they can give competitive job offers, along with better salaries and opportunities.

Companies are taking strategic approach to talent acquisition and increasingly becoming inventive to attract and retain valuable candidates and everything hinges on the recruitment process. That is why it has now been realized that quality candidates are too valuable to lose and let’s face it job seekers in post LinkedIn era are more sophisticated job shoppers. Fact is they won’t bother to apply to a company if they can’t find enough information about the company online. All this has to be attributed to evolution of social media and it’s the best way to showcase why candidates should apply to work there.

The age of requirement intelligence is here

This is the age of requirement intelligence traditional recruitment methods worked for a very long time but it is now the age of requirement intelligence. That is why HR and recruiting leaders are spending more time and resource on developing insights into about future and current employees. The days of reviewing basic operational measurements are over and more full-time analysts are there to mine for more in-depth talent metrics. This is not only more effective, but it will also allow you to analyze competitor talent pools to find candidates with the right skills. That is why hiring criteria will have to fundamentally change and find the right fit.

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Organizations are reviewing their recruitment processes and is has now become necessary for requirement agencies to ensure candidates can easily be found and can apply for open positions and shorten the lengthy and tedious application process. If the candidate is not meeting the requirement agencies are also judged. So now agencies are more cautious and first they screen and then ensure senior recruitment professionals working with top corporate employer’s talent resourcing facilities at their disposal. So now with the help of HR technology consolidation and cross-platform expansion, talent acquisition technology has improved, and this has led to employer and recruiter engagement a success.

Traditional requirement and talent management platforms starting to fade and newer possesses have been developed to streamline business development and service delivery across all specialist recruitment sectors. With technology helping us and integrated platforms and relationship management system senior recruitment professionals with top corporate employers are in much better position to hire the right talent.

Vipin Nirwal

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