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5 Things That Are Killing Your Phone Battery

There are distinct battery-killers 5 of which indicated here needs your attention.

1.    Too much screen brightness

With displays of smartphones getting bigger and brighter and putting across a superior resolution, the impact on battery life could be really serious. There are several means to curtail the damage though.

Activating the Adaptive Brightness feature on Android devices is found to be a fairly effective strategy. The feature allows your smartphone to automatically settle down to the lowest brightness level you actually need. To preserve more life to your battery you may well have the “Ambient display” setting toggled off. This ensures your phone’s display doesn’t wake up at the time of receiving notifications.  iOS too has a built-in “Auto-Brightness” setting that you may wish to turn on. 

Furthermore, you may adjust your phone’s Sleep settings so that it switches off all by itself after the time you’ve set has lapsed. On iOS, the Auto-Lock setting performs a similar function.

2.    Background app refresh

Even though this particular feature in iOS allows apps to update their save states smartly while on Wi-Fi or cellular service, it can also ruin your phone’s battery life. You can completely turn it off and make certain you’re putting the battery’s life expectancy to good use. Nonetheless, you may check the list of installed apps and toggle off the ones you don’t want to refresh in the background.

While you’re on Android you may have recourse to “Data usage” in settings and limit the data utilization of specific apps. Here, you can allow the apps of your choice to latch on to Wi-Fi, cellular data, or none at all. Remember to disable the auto-update of apps that keep on happening behind the scenes if turned on.

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3.    GPS

There are certain apps that make use of GPS or location-based services and they can suck the life out of your phone’s battery. You may most likely witness your phone to die as you navigate using Google Maps or Apple Maps to reach your destination. Albeit, it isn’t necessary to completely turn off location services, still, apps such as Google Maps need a manual shut down once your journey comes to a halt.

There’s a strikingly interesting science why GPS consumes the healthy lifespan of your phone’s battery. In fact, GPS depends on sequential fast updates with regard to your precise location coordinates. This implies your phone always needs to keep all communication channels alive. Moreover, your phone doesn’t interact with a single cellular tower. Rather, there are many of them playing a part to keep your location up-to-the-minute.

Also, a GPS app prevents your smartphone to move into the Sleep Mode on which almost all smartphones rely heavily to conserve battery life.

4.    Vibrate mode

Vibrate is an enormous battery-sucker mainly because this function is shockingly outmoded in spite of taking your phone’s entire cutting-edge technology into account. Given that you never had the chance to split your phone apart, either accidentally or on purpose, you might not be aware that a tiny little motor is actually the reason behind the vibrate function. So, it does make a lot of noise but only at the expense of a considerable power surge to jump-start the motor.

In fact, it uses up sizable power in addition to stirring up noise. And if you’re one of those who regularly fail to answer on the first vibration, your phone, in the effect, puts out massive power surges for a long time which eventually drains the battery of its charge.

5.    Rogue internet ads

When several ads are put on display in the course of regular web-browsing activities, the aftermath is a massive power drain. These ads are ubiquitous depending on the kind of phone being used. However, on the weak side, when you run a web browser that doesn’t have any ad blocker you’re actually curling up the expected battery usage by leaps and bounds. From there, the issue spirals up. A few tests reveal when you download fancy, flamboyant, belligerent ads, they exhaust more battery power in comparison with what you really need to look at them in the first place.

Well, it’s not surprising though. Internet ads can be eye-catching and annoying at the same time, what with all those bright, flashy animations. Those off-putting animations dissipate the lion’s share of the battery and eventually affect your phone’s long life.