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Noteworthy Update to Chromecast:

Google has been benevolent this year by conferring upon its fans, a faction of delightful surprises during the Google I/O Conference 2014 of which newer version of Android and the Cardboard blotted most of the limelight. Yet there were subtle cameos that enticed many heart. One noteworthy surprise was an update to the Chromecast firmware update 1.7 and an update for the android app that allows Android device mirroring which undoubtedly alleged much affection from many.

Update Hovers popularity:

Since its release last year, this $35 streaming device has been a cute buddy for many having a chalet in the cloud, uh cloud storage. Although light on pocket, smart and simple, this had limited streaming content. Fortunately this began to change when Google opened doors for developers by releasing the Chromecast SDK (Software Development Kit) and now highly anticipated feature of mirroring the screen of your Android phone. This feature allows you to project your smartphone screen on your HD TV and cherish almost everything with this miniature whatnot.

Limited support for only Nexus and other KitKat devices but expected to enhance soon:

The update currently supports only 14 devices, primarily Nexus devices and Google Play edition smartphones besides flagship phones from HTC, Samsung and LG. Unfortunately the update hasn’t been available on all Android devices as it currently runs only on Android KitKat 4.4.1 or higher but thanks to our fellow Google fanatics at XDA that have started developing APK’s to support lower devices too. Google also suggests update for various other devices running reasonable versions of Android Jelly Bean.

Google updated information official on the Chrome Blog and appended examples of usage which include checking out your upcoming holiday destination on the big screen using Google Earth or jutting out pictures stores on your smartphone or tablet to be viewed on your TV. The update is still in its beta version and might dwell bugs, yet to be testedafter launch just before the weekend.

Cast lag may cause some agony but users hope for improvement soon:

Watching videos would be an amusing experience via screen mirroring for apps that don’t support Chromecast, but playing games might not be a very favourable idea as the feed would be mirrored with some lag between the phone screen and what is cast on the TV screen and games like Asphalt 8, Real Racing 3 would appear Bohemian in this context. Cast screen option is now available with the Android app update in the navigation bar and in quick setting menu for Nexus devices. The app also allows picking among different Chromecast’s available in the vicinity.

Pricing notably Alluring:

Despite its limitations, Chromecast is still the friendliest streamer and have gain more glitter with the update, primarily due to effective pricing and remote-less control. More importantly it can now qualify as a dynamic rival for AppleTV and AirPlay platforms which are available for almost twice the price of Chromecast at $135 as well as Roku available for $86.

Chromecast outsold Apple TC in 2013 and legacy is expected to endure with the update. However users will wish to receive further updates for minimizing the projection lag while streaming anything except Google’s clique of approved apps.