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How can digital marketing help to win customers on your website

Encouraging users to buy your products is not always an easy task, everything is based on communication. It's a matter of taking care of the way you talk to them. You have to say things clearly, making sure you speak to them in a language they can understand.


We propose to answer these 5 fundamental questions to build a website that stands out from your competition.


Question #1: What are you doing/selling?


It may seem like an obvious question, but what seems obvious to you doesn't have to be for your customers. Many companies use a technical language on their website that their customers can't understand. If you sell a revolutionary, innovative and advanced service, but its name is not very common, most people will not know what it is and will not necessarily see the reason for hiring it. 


For example, the WebRTC line service may seem obvious to an engineer or to those who work in the field of telephony, but not everyone has to know about it. We have to empathize with the customer and think of a name he could understand, such as: virtual telephone lines hosted in the cloud to receive telephone calls over the Internet. This is now clearer and the customer can have an idea of what exactly it is.


Question #2: Who is your service/product for?


Beware of wanting to reach a too large audience. It is often said that what is good for everything is good for nothing. It's the same here. Your user wants to know that your product or service can help him concretely and that it adapts to his specific case. 


For example, if you have a marketing agency, you are only going to address entrepreneurs, as probably a person who does not have their own company, will not be interested in your services. 


For example, if among what you sell is a Call Center software service, you must make it very clear what this service offers, and what it is going to contribute to the company that gets it. Mobility, reliability, efficiency and effectiveness, ubiquity, and so on, are characteristics that describe the Call Center software, and should be visible on your website.


Question #3: What are the benefits of your product or what is it used for?


This question should help you make sense of what you are selling. Having a nice, well written and optimized website won't help you much if users don't understand the true value of your product or service. Visitors to your site must find a solution to their problems.


Answer these two questions:


Does your product or service solve a problem? Which one?


Do you respond to the wish of your audience? Which one?


When you begin to analyze, you will find many reasons for them to choose your products. You can put them in order, using Maslow's needs pyramid as a reference. Try to include all of these reasons in your content so that your customers can see what your service can offer them. 


Question #4: What are the benefits of working with you? What do you do better than your competition?


This is usually the most difficult point when promoting a business. It is very important not only to justify the benefits of the service but also to see why your customers should choose you and not your competitor. You must pay attention to one important point: your main reason should be neither price nor location. There may always appear someone who offers better prices than you, or who opens an office next to yours. Having competitive prices and a good location, without a doubt, are advantages, but don't let these two elements be your only arguments. Think carefully about the details that make you unique and that will make people prefer you and not someone else. 


Question #5: How can your customers contact you?


Communication with your client is the key to success. No matter how well designed your website is and how broad your company's information is, customers will always have some doubts, either because they don't find the answer to their question on your website, or they just get lazy and find it easier to ask you directly. The moment they find it impossible to contact you, they will turn to your competition. That's why it's so important that you put your email and phone number visible and easily accessible. You can even implement a chat or click to call button. 


And don't forget your foreign customers. If they see that you have a number with the prefix of their country, they will be more willing to contact you. Thanks to an international phone number you will be able to get a number of different countries, without having to be physically present in them. 


Having an international phone number brings great advantages. If your company has a virtual PBX or call center software, your customers will call you at the international number, and any agent working in your company with one of these services will be able to answer the call. 


Well, we have already answered the 5 questions. Now we have to think about where to put all this information. It's important that it's visible on your home page because it's the first one users visit. At first glance, visitors should feel identified, recognize themselves on your website. But don't limit yourself, service or product pages are also perfect places to expose, from a different angle, the same answers.


Then your customers will know exactly why and where to look. So get to work and check if the answers to these questions are on your website.


Emma Smith, PR and content manager at Fonvirtual. Fonvirtual provides companies and entrepreneurs with international virtual phone numbers and other virtual services. I’m interested in digital marketing, technology and international logistics. I am a usual collaborator in blogs, where I try to spread the word of telecom services in international business.