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Ever since the technology grew, one thing that has become easier than ever is communication! Keeping in touch friends and family is getting easier by the day no matter where you live and where they live. Skype has always been our savior when it comes to international calls. However, coordinating Skype calls has always been a hassle.

Making sure everybody is online at the same time requires pre planning the calls. Sometimes you’re in a call but the other person just doesn’t show online. Weird stuff happens during online international calls. However, Skype also comes with a feature that lets you call your friends or relative directly on their mobile phones or landlines. While you need Skype credit for that which is not at all for free, it makes the calls so much easier.

There are more apps beyond Skype that you can use to make international calls on people’s personal phone numbers. While the call is not completely free, the call charges a way less than what your operator would charge.


 Available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and your computers Line is a full features messaging platform. You can send private messages which self-destruct on a deadline, share files, send stickers and video chat with people. Apart from these regular messaging features, Line lets you make international calls.

Line works like your regular mobile plan. You can subscribe to plans with lower call rates or make calls on regular rates. A call to US per minutes costs merely Rs. 0.60 (1 Credit) for landlines and Rs. 1.20 (2 Credits) on mobiles. These are highly viable prices. To pay, you must first buy the credits first. It costs Rs. 60 for 100 credits.


Viber is another app available for all platforms. Primarily used as a voice calling app, Viber too is a complete messaging package. Besides the regular Viber to Viber calls, you can make ‘Viber Out’ calls from your app. Once you have Viber Out credits you can makes international calls to mobile phones and landlines. A call on mobile phone in US will cost you Rs. 1.16 per minute while one to UK will charge Rs. 3.60.


Nimbuzz Messengers is a simple and minimalistic app available for iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android, Symbian and computers. That includes virtually all devices that are present out there. Just like Viber, Skype and Line, Nimbuzz too gives an option of making an international call on a mobile phone or a landline.

NimbuzzOut, as the app claims, is the cheapest international calling option you can get. Just like the rest of the apps you must first buy the credits. Only then are you capable of making international calls. The claim about being the cheapest calling option becomes true when you get to make a call to the USA in just Rs. 0.48. The rates are more or less the same for other countries as well. However, Nimbuzz provides a reliable service in making calls to the US and the rates are lowest so if you need to makes calls specifically to US, Nimbuzz is the way to go.