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“Honey I shrunk the kids, but that’s not a problem, Now.” Here to beat even Wayne Szalinski’s folly is the elixir gadget launched by LG earlier this week. LG’s KizON is a wrist wearable gear designed especially for kids, and to abate parents’ concern over children’s dearth for fairy-tail adventures.

Sneak Peak at the features

The LG KizON houses a GPS tracker for mommies and daddies to constantly monitor their kids’ location which also uses Wi-Fi as an aide in the tracking process. The KizON features “One Step Direct Call” button which can be used by tots to dial or receive calls from defined set of numbers. Even in case of emergency or non-responsiveness from the child, the call shall be accepted on its own after a period of 10 seconds so that parents could hear the surrounding via the in-built microphone.

The polythiourethane wrist-bound whatnot is resistible to water splashes and stains, a momentous part of daily childsplay and comes in a variety of bright shades like baby pink and sky blue and moss green, and toddler-friendly accessories like Hello Kitty covers and other animated characters to keep kids avidly involved despite its big size. KizON was initially designed keeping in mind pre-school and primary school children but the spectrum of amuse also shed umbrella shade for the elderly, especially ones suffering from serious diseases associated with dementia.

The KizON catalogues as another device in the list of those needed to be charged every night with a claimed battery life of 36 hours, although it also intimates the parents when battery falls below 25 per cent charge. It can operate on both 2g and 3g networks, expanding its parachute of ease of connectivity and has a 64MB RAM. Don’t worry, kids won’t be able to glue to it as they do your iPads in this dystopian-headed lifestyle and it would give them chance to play freely and not just jolt buttons besides easing out parents’ tension for their child’s safety.

Mixed emotions?

Despite of great use, the views about LG KizON is distinctively opinioned. While many people would enjoy the ability to track their kids and keep an eye on the activity, somemay also be cynical about dependency on gadgets and parental snobbery for auditing their kids like criminals fresh out of jail. Despite known critical disapproval, LG Mobile and Communications CEO Jong-seok Park showed hope in the approach and overwhelmingly presented the benefits of wearable gears which defy the dependency on big devices and chances of being lost or stolen while offering seamless and quick connectivity.

LG was probably the big early bird in this market but certainly not the first with the concept. Earlier this year a British company called KMS developed a similar wearable for kids while previous year saw a collaboration AT&T and Filip for a wrist wearable for children which also came with a screen.

KizONgoes on sale in South Korea in second week of July and is expected to shelf in European and American markets by fall of this year. Despite its hitech-dependent nature, the device is a great leap in favour of children security and safety.