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Screens of the Future:

There were times in the past until smartphones donned the virtue of addiction,in that Lords and Ladies carried ferried newspapers rolled up and conserved in their coat pockets. The near future shall see rolled up digital screens that could be hoisted anywhere to cherish moments of bash. LG has recently come up with such a foldable and flexile 18-inch screen prototype.

Paper-thin and Portable:

The paper thin screen rolls up into a tube of 3 cm and boasts a resolution of 1200X800. The technology mammoth claimed this is a high molecular substance-based polyimide surface panel with gives it a distinguished ability to bend up to a curvature radius of 30 radians. This screen may marble the path for development ofmore than 50-inches screen in future, reportedly said the company.  Perhaps the most enticing feature that this screen has is the ability to function even while being folded. This may be a future weapon for extension and plasticity of displays beside portability of personal entertainment devices.

Pioneering the Science of Flexible Virtual Entertainment:

The witchcraft behind this gizmo is the Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) displays deject use of any backlight as in case of a normal LED display which makes it possible to produce extremely thin and flexible displays, which we might witness flooding the market in various forms like plastics, metal foils and flexible glass. Recently both Samsung and LG have thrived development goals by successfully launching smartphones like the Galaxy Roundand LG G-Flex having curved as well as slightly bendable screens. However, LG recently fared better by producing a flexible LED TV that can change shape by nudging a button on the remote control besides realizing this foldable display.

Jargons and Figures of foldable OLED displays:

LG’s senior Vice President and LG’s R&D Centre’s Head In-Byung Kang buoyantly said that they are confident about developing Ultra HD flexible displays and transparent OLED screens by 2017. LG also plans to revamp production lines in upcoming years and is a strong believer that by 2015, about 12 per cent smart phones would be flexible. This figure is expected to elevate to a stunning 40 per cent by 2018. LG employs a plastic substrate for this flexible nature of the display. A film-type encapsulation technology is applied and attached with a back film panel for protection that dubs it unbreakable and remarkably limber.