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Windows 8.1 was probably the most anticipated update from the software giant and while there have been Lumia handsets launched with this latest version of OS, the anticipation hasn’t ended. For all those Lumia owners with Windows 8, Microsoft rolled out the Lumia Cyan update which is an OTA (over-the-air) update for Lumia users all over the world. The rolling out started on July 15, however, depending upon the region or the carrier some of you may have to wait longer for it. The OTA update Lumia Cyan includes the Windows Phone 8.1 along with some upgraded Lumia-specific enhancements and features.

Cortana for US users

Lumia Cyan Update has got several features in its gift bag for Lumia users all around the world, however, users owning a Lumia Windows Phone 8 device in the US will be treated with the digital personal assistant Cortana on their handsets. This feature is also anticipated in China and UK soon.

Updates Available on all WP OEMs

It has been a fair amount of time since the Windows Phone 8.1 devices rolled out and all the amazing additions to the OS are not a mystery anymore. The update adds quite impressive features to the Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices like a customized start screen wherein the users can select the number of columns featuring in the start screen while they can also use a custom background image for the screen. After this comes the much awaited Action Centre to access and customize notifications and settings. These additions are followed by features like Wi-Fi sense to help enable your device to connect to free Wi-Fi hotspots automatically, an updated native calendar; upgraded Bing powered device search and a completely overhauled Internet Explorer 11 browser which is claimed to be faster and more intuitive by the brand.

Care for the Lumia Special?

Nokia Lumia somehow manages to be the best companion for the Windows Phone OS. As a matter of fact even the tiles suit better on edgy and boxy Lumia devices. It seems only fair that the Lumia Cyan Update comes with some special additions that are Lumia specific. Considering how much time Nokia has spent creating these handsets with absolutely amazing cameras, the Lumia Cyan Update brings improved Nokia Camera, Creative Studio and Storyteller apps. You will now be able to access CS6 (Creative Studio 6) directly from the refurbished Camera Roll. Another treat from the company is a free upgrade to Here Drive+ to Nokia Lumia 520, Lumia 525, Lumia 620 and Lumia 720 users.

Especially for Lumia Icon and Lumia 1520 the new Lumia Cyan Update will perk up the audio quality for video playback as well as the camera capabilities. Moreover, the Screen Share technology from Microsoft will enable the Icon and 1520 users to connect their devices to a screen like a smart TV or a projector. Another addition called the SensorCore SDK Beta will be available on both the devices and will allow the users to access location data, real time updates and more.