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On its way back from the gym, the new Galaxy Tab 3 Neo has thinned itself down to an impressive 9.7 mm deep body. The new tablet from Samsung is both slimmer and lighter and but the brand claims that all that has been shed is the weight and size; the performance is still just as impressive. This latest version of the Galaxy Tab series is no different from any other Samsung product – a decent featured tab which is slightly overpriced. Here is just the amount of information you need to make your mind!

The new Galaxy Tab 3 Neo sports a Marvell processor based on 1.2 GHz dual core cortex A9 mainframe along with a Vivante GC1000 GPU. Though combined with a 1 GB RAM, it fails to glide the user through apps and function as smoothly as other devices at similar prices do. You might find the interface a tad bit sluggish for 16,490 INR. Had Samsung bequeathed this tab with a better processor, it might have been a direct hunt down of the Nexus 7.

Despite a slightly unimpressive processor, Galaxy Tab 3 Neo boasts a 3,600 mAh battery which, as a matter of fact, is pretty decent in its range. The brand claims straight 8 hours of having fun on your tab. For the resolution is not that high as well as the processor is not that fast, it might actually be true!

No front cam for Tab 3 Neo! Yes, there is a rear cam but 2MP is not that much of a deal. It doesn’t even get an LED flash for that matter. If the camera department a feature adamant on your list, you might want to skip this.

The 8 GB in built storage also disappoints a bit but an expandable 64 GB becomes the savior.

Currently operating on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Neo is expected to be upgradable to Android 4.3. Its 17.7 cm display comes with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels but don’t get those eyes widened. The resolution doesn’t prove all that much when it comes to high resolution videos and games.

The good part comes when you get a box full of Samsung software goodies free with the tab like Samsung Voice, Samsung Link, Polaris Office, Dropbox, Flipboard and an access to over 5K movies, live channels and about 4 Lakh songs. What becomes the cherry on the top are its candy like colors in plastic finish. Samsung serves you with a palette that comprises Cream White, Ebony Black, Blue Green, Lemon Yellow and Peach Pink.

While the brand has made a nice move with launching a peppy tablet, the pricing might affect its sales. This tab stands right against tablets like Nexus 7, Dell Venue 7 and 8 which are better than it in probably every sense. However, customers who prefer brand image and have a few extra bucks up their sleeves might love it!