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Why people should not see movies online for free?

Watching movies online or streaming them for free is an indulgence no one can deny from. You can log on to countless websites and indulge more on this addiction to American series, without even having to pay a single penny.

You cannot deny that you never thought that such a luxury wouldn’t have some hunch in it. If you did then you are absolutely correct because most of the websites that are offering free, streamed programmes are illegal. All of us have been doing this for years now and we don’t even realize as to how huge has it expanded. The facilitator of this so-called luxury is none other than high-speed internet connection with users either downloading or streaming the content. Now why do people choose streaming over downloading is that they can access it anytime anywhere without having to store the illegal file. As a result of which, the streaming sites are growing in rapid popularity and so is the act of breaking the law. But most users like ourselves don’t even realize that they are breaking the law.


Any site that makes available or facilitates the availability of rights-owners’ content without their permission is unlawful.

Even if they are carrying advertising from recognized brands, and might look very professional and legal, the fact that they are offering free content is probably illegal.


If the content given is illegal then accessing it is also illegal, which leads you into putting money into the hands of the criminals.

At one time, music listeners were fined for illegally downloading or streaming music, but the owners of the rights of the music later abandoned this strategy and instead worked with the legitimate sites where listeners pay to stream.

No end user has ever been fined but the those involved in piracy at the first level are the culprit stealing content. The UK Federation Against Copyright Theft(Fact) says their interest lies in identifying the individuals and if needed prosecute those who defraud the creative industries by stealing content then making it available through illegitimate means for their own personal financial benefits.

If caught in such illegal distribution of the films and TV shows one can be found guilty by the jury on the counts of conspiracy to defraud and could even be sentenced imprisonment.

So, dear lovers of TV shows, movies and programmes, be careful and take precautions to not get yourself in unnecessary trouble and keep an eye from where you stream or download your content from.