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Making a powerful comeback into the Indian smartphone showground is the Dutch electronics brand Philips. The brand managed to make an entry in style by launching three android smartphones and a feature phone for the mass market. In addition to the Philips S308 and the Philips W3500, the brand announced the Xenium W6610. Priced at 20,650 INR, this smartphone boasts a massive 5300 mAh battery, rated to deliver up to 33 hours of talk time and up to 1,604 hours of standby time.

The unusually designed smartphone looks sort of premium due to its rear panel. Sharp rectangular body and rounded corners lend to a subtle appearance. The rear panel of the smartphone comes in matte finish and features a broad dark strip right below the camera lens. While there is no special function for this strip, it does manage to grab attention. Apart from the camera lens and the strip, the back case houses an LED flash, speaker grille and branding from the company. The company logo can also be seen on the front façade of the phone. Other than that, the face of the phone carries the front cam and proximity sensor on the top and three hard navigation keys on the bottom.