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Transferring stuff among PCs, laptops and smartphones is a hassle more often than not. Different devices have different storage capacities and procedures. File sharing between Android and iOS is a nightmare. Sometimes smartphones need softwares to enable them to connect to PC’s and laptops. In a scenario like that, people who often move their file end up relying on cloud storages. But online storage is suitable for text and small files. Sometimes an image takes hours to upload to cloud if you wish to keep it in its best quality. Thus it is virtually impossible to use cloud storage for video, music and bulk storage.

Seagate comes with a savior like device for such situations. The Wireless Plus from Seagate is a hub to all your device, wired or wireless. The Wi-Fi enabled device can connect to portable devices and can be accessed by multiple people, all at the same time. This line of devices was launched by Seagate last year.

The device has been completely overhauled since then. Wireless Plus now supports Amazon’s Kindle Fire OS and Windows 8/RT Modern UI. The companion app for iOS and Android has been given with a makeover and the device now features Google Drive and Dropbox integration.


The Wireless Plus is chunky and fat according to the current standard of portable hard drives. One of the major factors that contribute to the hefty build of the hard drive is its battery which is rated to deliver 10 hours of continuous operation. Made entirely of plastic, the device has surface that looks like brushed metal.

On the back is a Micro USB 3.0 port just like any other hard drive. On the left edge dwells a power button and then there are two status LEDs on the front. One of the LEDs is meant to display the charge status, the other is tells whether the device can connect to Wi-Fi or not.

The 2TB model is supposed to be carried in a bag as it’s impossible to put it in a pocket. The device comes with a standard USB cable, charger head and three international plug adapters.

 Setup and Usage

 The Wireless Plus can be used as a regular hard drive using the USB cable. After plugging it in all you need to do is launch Windows Explorer or the OSX Finder and browse through the contents. When the device is plugged in via USB, all the Wi-Fi functions are disabled, however, the batter keeps charging.

To connect to Wi-Fi, all you need to do is press the power button and wait till the Wi-Fi notification LED stops flashing. A continuously lit LED means stable Wi-Fi connectivity. The device now broadcasts its own Wi-Fi signal. Eight devices can connect to Wireless Plus at a time but only 5 can stream data.

Only 1.81 TB of the total memory is usable and a driver than enables full OSX read/write comes preinstalled. It can be formatted to HFS+.

If one ignores the bulk and the cost, the device is a great thing to have you need to access and move data frequently.