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Microsoft and Nokia has been one of the major newsmakers over past few months. The deal between the Finnish phonemaker and the software behemoth, the buzz about a continued Nokia X series, a sudden halt at the production of the same, then a rumor about an all new Windows from the brand followed by a release of an update of the current OS! Since it’s been a couple of months after the release of Windows Phone 8.1 handsets, it was high time one of the two came up with another news making incident. The incident includes an alleged selfie-focused Windows Phone from Nokia. What makes it selfie-focused? A 5 megapixel front camera! While there has been no official word about the device, supposedly the EVP of the Microsoft group, Stephen Elop himself boasted about this selfie centered Lumia at an internal company meeting. And of course, the images were leaked.

Lumia Superman?

Spotted in the wild, this mysterious selfie specific Lumia was made public with its images or rather selfies on the Windows Phone central. Allegedly dubbed ‘Superman’, this new Lumia is being called Lumia 730 and is anticipated to be the successor of the well-received and popular Nokia Lumia 730. The site claims that the new device from Nokia sports a front snapper of 5 MP, perfectly coinciding with the facts Elop supposedly boasted about.

Specs on the lose

The site also gave clues on the screen size and the software of the alleged Lumia Superman. Windows Phone Central claimed that the new selfie focused Lumia will boast a 4.7 inch display which is again being seen as a rev up for the Nokia Lumia 720’s 4.3 inch display.

One of leaked images of the Lumia 730 aka Superman reveals that this unannounced Lumia Superman will be running on an unannounced ‘Lumia Debian Red’ version of Windows Phone. While the current Windows Phone 8.1 Cyan Black is GDR1, the Lumia Debian Red is most probably is GDR2, the first update for the latest assembly of the Microsoft’s OS.

Lumia Cyan started rolling out only a couple of months ago for Windows Phone users all around the world. A few days ago, Microsoft brought Cortana in ‘alpha’ form to India. The Debian Red update is anticipated to roll out for the general public later this year.

Focusing on the selfie-cam

Seen as a part of the device that helps making video calls, front cameras on phones are now used more than the rear snappers. It’s all about taking a selfie no matter where you are. To keep up with the trend, Nokia’s alleged Lumia 730 sports a 5 MP from facing camera. While there have been other devices with 5 MP front cams, Nokia might be on its way to completely overhaul the paradigm. Everybody knows Nokia’s cameras are an experiencse like none.

While there have been no official announcements about the phone, the device is already anticipated to have a competitor in the form of the rumored HTC One M8 for Windows which is expected to match the Android version of the handset boasting a wide-angle 5 MP front snapper.