Addressing Attitudes By Advertisements Without Any Mask

There seems to be a sense of fatigue even as the COVID death curve seems to be increasing and well, even as the United States and Brazil have started to display a downward trend over the last 30 days, India’s case seems to be bleak.

The number of fatalities are increasing and the cases are seeing a spike after having seen a downtrend trend over the last month. Now, even as the economy is opening up people are moving around, the case are exponentially increasing – so much so, that over the week that ended on 7 September, on an average 1,054 Indians could not win the battle with the virus which has shocked the world and has absolutely smashed the sense of balance across the globe.

So, what is more disturbing? Is the rising cases or is the sense of acceptance and the fact that people have become reckless and mask or no mask, there seems to have been an acceptance that the virus is here to stay and we have to get back to our jobs?

The answer is unclear, nothing is clear as things stand right now, but then, there are a few sectors which can step in now with a pointed message that this fight is still very much raging on and we, as people and society are still vulnerable.

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While, it can be understood that there is a sense of fatigue, remorse and helplessness that has crept in and around us, and the visuals that we see on a daily basis are disturbing, but what else can be done? The corona curve is forever on the rise, there seems to be no remedy and people have to move out of their houses to put food on the tables of their family.

Yes, while these things are true, but now, there needs to be a more concerted effort by digital media, advertisement agencies and influencers to get their creative juices flowing and make visuals which can penetrate right down to the last man in the chain. The messaging needs to be pointed, iot needs to be creative and it needs to offer hope while offering simple solutions.

This virus has become a scourge, it is not going anywhere anytime soon and all we have is the people around us and yet, we have to maintain social distance. Ideas outlast people, and this is what the creative agencies need to understand. They have to enter collaboration with the government and figure out mass campaigns with easy messages so that people understand the gravity of the situation, adapt accordingly and do not panic.

Hey, and above it, while people should be masked at all times, the messaging need to have any filters!