Apple iPhone 12 Launch Event: 5G Will Now Be Mainstream Across The Globe

Apple has launched four new iPhone 12 series smartphones and they are all 5G capable. Now, the company is quite late with 5G considering how Samsung launched its first phone over two years back. But then Apple is often late to these parties and there are always several good reasons to it.

When 2020 started, a 5G phone would have found too much traction. Customers were not too eager to play a premium for 5G services, but then now that the biggest company has launched the 5G network, we might all see a shift in the thinking.

India, which is the world’s second-largest and fastest-growing smartphone is still one year away from getting its first 5G network.

A number of 5G devices launched till a few months back were simply showcases as per the latest technology and this is the biggest reason why none of the smartphone makers went to the extent of switching on 5G for their entire buffet of devices.

However, this will now see a change. With the iPhone 12 series, CEO Tim Cook announced the new phones will work with over 100 network partners all across the globe.

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Apple is dominant in markets like the United States, Australia, and Japan and this is where this new iPhone series will lead to a new cycle of users moving from older iPhones to the latest ones. In this refresh cycle, all these users will migrate to 5G.

What this essentially means is that the number of 5G users across these markets will grow exponentially. In order to make this transition easier, Apple has been making the monthly subscription fee cheaper with partners like Verizon.

Now, for Apple, for blazing-fast speeds 5G will offer, along with the new breed of services, will only give a number of reasons for its users to buy a new phone and not cling on to an older devices for a long time.

There are reasons and then there is the reason which has been given by Apple – the world is all set to march towards the 5G technology!