Balochistan Loves Modi and India

Pakistan celebrated their independence day with more shock than joy showering from both within and beyond the borders. I read somewhere a very beautiful example that an elephant in the house is calm and composed for years, not hurting anyone. But what would be his reaction when he is inflicted with thousand cuts throughout his body? The oppressor has to be trampled. The elephant has now woken from kumbhkaran’s slumber. And the trembles can be felt on the other side of the border.

First Rajnath Singh and then Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised this never-a-blazing-issue called ‘Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Baluchistan’. Actually, it started with Ajit Doval when he talked about it in his speech in 2015, India’s 105 KM running border with Afghanistan and everyone understood he was referring to Gilgit, Baltistan.

The sluggish behavior of India towards POK and Baluchistan made the world believe that the actual issue lies with Indian side of Kashmir, not the other side of Kashmir. PM Modi has finally spoken and now there is ruckus across Pakistan’s political arena. You just need to turn your attention to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari who few months back got his throat hoarse shouting ‘ Asi Kashmir Lewange, ek ek inch lewange’. And then PM Nawaz Sharif showed sympathy and grief with the slain terrorist (their own investment) Burhan Wani. We made fun of Bilawal’s speech even their own media people did the same as their media also see in him our own youth icon. When our PM says that POK belongs to India and there is hullabaloo across Pakistan. They are unable to respond properly, stumbling, stammering and remembering the not-known-to-many insurgency groups in our north eastern part of India when they are invited on News debates. That’s the only shield they have right now. They are exposed. The mentioning of Baluchistan in PM’s speech has brought the shadow boxing of India-Pakistan ties to an end.

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There are Baloch people across the globe who are constantly thanking our PM Narendra Modi for talking about of Baluchistan and supporting it. They are very happy and feel indebted as India finally has spoken for them in seven decades. PM Modi also have thanked them from the rampart of Red Fort of India. He said ‘People of Balochistan, Gilgit and PoK have thanked me a lot in past few days, I am grateful to them”.

The atrocities and torture stories in Balochistan are beyond imagination. Ahmar Mushtikan and Tarek Fateh and many other have been asking India to intervene and get the Baluch people their own air, water and peace. The people of Balochistan also deserve peaceful life and prosperity.  Mass graves, recently found, have told the story to the world and those bullet ridden bodies of innocent Baloch people. Pakistan bomb their own citizen and do not hesitate to burn entire village to instill fear in the minds of Baloch people. The world knows that Baloch are brave and strong people then Pakistan should have more Baloch people than Punjabi and other citizens of Pakistan, but there are none.

The Game Changer:

It is yet not clear if it was diplomatic move or a strategic one by the current government. But, the reaction to this statement is apparent now. Nervous Pakistanis have now started to talk to the Baloch people living outside the country. They want to establish dialogue with separatists and government agencies. Pakistan knows India’s strength and current growing stature in the international politics. The world now listens to India. Simultaneously, they have started firing from the borders. We have lost our soldiers on this auspicious day of 15th of August.

Baloch people who were fighting alone have now the support of India which they were seeking for a long time. The agitation will be intense and constant. The local freedom fighters will start protesting against the atrocities. India should support the way Pakistan support separatists of Kashmir, financially, morally and ….. India knows Baloch needs India and India wants a free Balochistan.