When the Aam Admi Party won the majority of seats in Delhi neither the Congress nor the BJP  could articulate their feelings and when they did find their voice, it was condescending and patronizing at best and the response from BJP was “we lost the Delhi Assembly election but we will win the General Election” which they did. But the fact of the matter is they simply could not digest the loss and the reason is simple, Indian Politicians suffer from a disease called “Entitlement”. To them it was more hurtful and insulting to lose to APP, a rank outsider contesting their first election then to congress. How can that be? We had Modi and the Modi wave will sweep the BJP into power. But that did not happen, but what is happening is, by some way or the other, BJP wants to form government in Delhi without the prospect of fighting another election.


Since Mr.Modi took office, he has been busy with the economy which was stiffer than a corpse. It seems the brilliant mind of then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the entire congress leadership suffered from Rigamortis and simply refused to function. But since Mr. Modi has been holding the office of the PM things have improved. The economy is slowly coming back to life and the stock market, after a long time has stopped giving heart attacks to stockbrokers and has seen a sturdy rise. So then how come BJP has been performing poorly in almost all by-elections which have been held so far?

Experts say no Modi!

True, but slight problem. He is right now somewhat preoccupied with reviving the economy, strengthening our defenses, improving ties with neighbors which had been ignored far too long and going on summits to create an international stature for our country.

Modi cannot always be BJP's perpetual leader for election campaign.

Yes if he campaigns it will help as it has in Maharashtra and Haryana but his main job as PM will suffer and this would hurt the BJP on the long run. But can election be won by Junior Varsity? Yes, but it comes with certain conditions and more importantly some class. No one can say that only Modi can be the most effective campaigner in BJP, there are other who equally have the same oratory skills as Modi and maybe even better.

But what happened was, they lost their way in Utter Pradesh. When leaders like Swami Adityanath are allowed a free hand to go and say whatever idea which pops in that brain of his could only prove as a setback for BJP. This whole issue of Love Jihad has done nothing but made a mockery of all the hard work for which the BJP should be reaping dividends, instead causes more harm to Modi’s hardwork.

Sorry I will get Back to Delhi, please allow me a sentence or more.

To lose in a state like Rajasthan, where the BJP won by near landslide both during the assembly and general election talks about the “Intelligence of the voters” and their duty towards checks and Balance. What I mean is when BJP gets into issues which have no relevance except pander to the right, the people make a check of it and vote the other party for balance. The BJP can spin this loss anyway they want, but the outcome of these elections will be milked to the full by the opposition in the upcoming election in Maharashtra and Haryana and all those who stayed away and did not vote will come out of the woodwork.

The BJP high command must have at least admitted privately, this so called Junior Varsity is just not up to it because they suffer from Foot to Mouth decease which they managed to hide so brilliantly during election, but unfortunately this decease does not have vaccine and Modi cannot be around all the time.

But let us come back to Delhi and ask the question, why BJP does not want elections.The Answer

The people know that the APP made a huge blunder when they surrendered their stake in the name of moral responsibility. The problem was they should have lived to fight another day. Because the longer they would have stayed in power, the more little problems which plague this city will have been solved and frankly people give more attention to small issue then “Lokpal”. Which by the way is very important? But this could have been achieved at a later date. But let’s not cry over spilled milk.

Right now the APP has more dissention within their party and congress is facing its worst crisis of unity as more and more people are speaking up against the leadership. But still BJP does not want an election and the answer is “Politics is Local.” The BJP was right when it said we lost Delhi election but we will win the finial and they did.

But those who won in the recent general election have a century to their name and no need to “Bat” for the next five years. However, those politicians who did win their assembly seat do not want to Bat again, because it was a hard-fought victory for many of them. Several stalwarts won with the skin between their teeth and they just do not want to be in the same situation.

The people of Delhi want an honest and clean government which they clearly know the APP can deliver. Even after the APP’s shenanigans the people of this city still have faith on APP and know if given a second chance it can deliver. Surely Arvind Kejriwal is not dumb enough to repeat the same mistake again.

Yes he made a mistake by forsaking power, but after sometime he did something which the people of this country have never experienced or accustomed to before. “HE APOLOGISED”! When was the last time a politician has apologized for making a mistake or saying outrageous things which is not expected of a politician? My guess is in the last 10 years, never. Even when they do, they never own up.