Brit Ish Divided

18th September 2014 could very well be the day when the great United Kingdom is changed forever. If Scotland decides to sever ties, the 300 year old relationship will come to an end and the consequences will have a long lasting impact all over Europe which has already seen the rise of rightwing politics. It would not be in the best interest for anyone in UK if the split happens but one must think of this as this as a “Cruel Irony”. For a long time Britain has played the role of dividing countries into tiny little pieces for its own interest, be it may the Indian Subcontinent, Middle East or Africa. By doing this, they had played with the lives and culture of nations and helped bring a lot of misery on to them.

Did the British think even for a second about their actions when they went about carving a nation within one nation. Getting rid of some leader who was not up to their taste. Did they think when they changed the map of Middle East and what problems they might face in future and this is in keeping of not giving a dam what happens to the people? Churchill is dead and so is the “Raj”, but one has to wonder, is Churchill twisting and turning in his grave right now. Are all men of power and influence of the past, who shaped the lives of millions of people across the world, who oversaw the Empire grow into the greatest imperialistic power feel the same pain that they gave to so many people? We will never know.

Now a lot of people blame the late PM Margaret Thatcher for starting this whole debate of split and this happened due to the economic policies implemented by her. But she is dead and what’s done is done. The question is what can be done to prevent this. A lot of celebrities have spoken against the split and some for it. Do they carry any weight? To a certain degree yes. But people are more influenced by what politicians think and in this case what Alex Salmond thinks who the guiding force behind this movement is. It is the politicians who are going to govern them and bring about change which will bring prosperity to the people of Scotland. But can this be a reality.

If this split happens, this is simply “what goes around comes around.” The speech by the British Prime Minster David Cameron the other day was full of passion and emotions and the only thing he did not do was get down on his knees and beg. Maybe he did, privately because in History books he will be known as the leader who lost Britain. His name will be more infamous then Neville Chamberlain who appeased to the Nazi’s.

In all this commotion there is a twist of cruel fate because a significant number of migrant population are going to play a major role on the outcome and surprise; they are from the Indian Subcontinent. Who knew the very people who once were the puppet in the hands of the English are the very people who could decide the future of United Kingdom.