Calmness In Turmoil Is The Art Of Finding Contentment

Owing to the pandemic, one of my friends lost his job. He was a senior journalist in a leading publication, but now, after being asked to leave, he packed his things and moved on. After grappling to find other opportunities, all he could manage was a freelancing gig with a start-up, at a salary which is not quite up to the mark. He had to move out from a 2 BHK to a 1 BHK – clip out several expenses, and just be focused on the bare essentials.

He, however, is upbeat. He wants to use his experience to deliver the best possible articles here in this new project. The smile is still there, it is a little less pronounced, but it is still there.

“Call me philosophical, but I believe in what Buddha has said. He said, “Be desireless”. Buddha said that desires lead us to a state where we are forever seeking things that are no in our control. I had many reasons to be unhappy and dissatisfied and I had reasons to look forward and see what plans are ahead. We cannot truly enjoy what we have, I am still healthy and my family is safe. I am happy that I can still somehow pay my bills. Desires keep us focused on their fulfillment and we spend a lot of time and energy trying to attain them and this is where all energy is sapped,” he said.

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It is the mind where the flux is – it tries to always be in a state of constant desire. We then tend to be attached to things and this then distracts us from the positivity that still exists around us in the world. Once there is a communion of the soul with an inner sense of calm and the fleeting desires tend to take prominence.

“What this pandemic has taught me is that one needs to live a life of contentment and take sprinkles of joy in every which way. I have started looking at things from a better perspective. I try to do the best each day, spend out an extra buck, and have stopped haggling with the vegetable vendors – I feel contentment while doing so and this is my small way of doing the best each day,” he adds.

It needs to be understood here that to be content does not mean you do not desire more, it simply means you are thankful for what you have and are patient and hopeful for what is to come in the future.