Decaying Punjab @75%

Punjab is the place of the five rivers and its land is so fertile all one has to do is spread the seeds and be rewarded . It is also the land where milk  flows abundantly. It is the land which gave the world Sikh religion and Khalsa to protect the innocent from tyranny. A land of countless brave worriers and freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh. Simply put Punjab is the invincible shield of India. So many threats has this land faced bravely but always endured, but now there is war which is being waged savagely over the youths of Punjab and the weapon is norcotics.

Punjab has the highest per capita of substance abuse in India. But the true question is how this problem reached such endemic level and how this went unnoticed for so long with virtually zero media coverage. Serious questions must be asked to prevent further carnage.

Who is supporting and promoting of controlled substance?

What measure has the government taken to put a stop to it?

 Is the government allocating funds into drug rehabilitation for youths in Punjab?

Is help being given to family’s who have lost members to drug addiction?

These are the question which must be scrutinized and a plan of action has to be taken to end this problem permanently.  Long gone are the days of prosperity and posterity. Agriculture is no longer the number one industry in Punjab. People with land are leasing it and simply sitting back and enjoying. The days of men and woman working on the field can now only be seen in television and films.

The problem of drugs not only ends there. It is has taken a serious toll on the domestic front. Woman and children are taking the brunt of the suffering, pain and anguish. Domestic abuse cases are on the rise all over Punjab. Incidents of shocking acts emerge on a daily bases. Due to lack of awareness most of the cases remain unreported and the drugs have turned men into a monster for their family.

Also the religious heads of Punjab must invest their time and effort to curtail this problem. After all not long ago the Sikh community leaders issued a proclamation which denounced female feticide. If such a practical and progressive statement can be made, why not raise their voice against drugs.

They say you will never see a Sikh begging for money, because there is too much pride, will those days seem to be going end soon. It is quite possible in future we could see a Panjabi begging to finance his drug addiction. Punjab has always faced threats from outside, but the facts cannot be disputed the threats from within are the most lethal and has always been catastrophic.